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Probably my favourite craft right now is with parchment, both traditional skills and Groovi, very relaxing and calming to do.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Pixie's Snippets Challenge

The cards in this post are mainly for Pixie's Snippets challenge for this week.  If you have bits and pieces of craft materials left over or things lying around that need using up, put them together into cards and display them each week in the playground here.  All mine this week are from those files full of already printed decoupage sheets I am desperate to empty and get rid of, or from my box of UFO's.

This decoupage is one I made up from a photo I had on file on the computer.  I spent some time sorting it all out to find the right places to edit and cut for an effective decoupage.  All the layers, apart from the base layer, are shaped using the bone folder.  The church tower gets a bit more attention.  I cut the tower away from the foliage in front of it, and fold it along the line of the corner.  Using silicone glue, it is easy to add shape and perspective.

This is another of the cute little girls I turned into decoupage several years ago.  I showed one last week, I think, but I do have several more to get done.  So you may see those appearing over the next few weeks, as I plough through the piles.  Even though I created the decoupage myself, I have severely reduced the number of layers, as I do not really feel they are needed..  Again, each layer is shaped, apart from the base layer.

This third and final card is from a bought sheet of decoupage, but it is rather pretty.  I loved the colours, and there are enough layers to make two slightly different cards from the one sheet.  

All the base cards used are from a stack of ready folded cards I bought several years ago, and are ideal for these oddments cards, and they are all small cards.   

I have not had much time to make things this week, other than frantic finishing off of cards needed for people this week.  More important really was the visits from all of our grandchildren on different days, to celebrate the Leap Year Day birthday of my DH, and the singing over the phone from one of them of Happy Birthday to her Grandad.

Not sure how much time there will be this week either as things start to hot up in the preparing of the garden for this year.  We are determined to create a good habital for insects with pollen rich flowers, and to grow as many fruits and vegetables as possible, both outside and inside the greenhouse.  We shall never have enough to keep us self sufficient, but at least we can have some good flavours without chemicals everywhere.  With luck, the flowers will help the veggies too, marigolds with the tomatoes etc, garlic round the roses as another thing -it works!  For anyone in the UK who is interested in protecting our food supplies for the future, try to find and watch a series of programmes called Bees, Butterflies and Blooms (Was on BBC - now available on the IPlayer).  Fascinating watching, and excellent programmes (not just because all the video footage was edited by our son-in-law)

Anyway, back to crafting.  Di, can we please have a butterfly garden in the playground this year (we need more butterflies for our cards), and a sunflower growing competition to see whose is the biggest at the end of the year?  In between all that exercise, we might find time to put more snippets together for our cards.  Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow and seeing what you have brought this week for Show and Tell.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Maggie, great cards for the snippet playground - love the decoupaged photograph. Sounds as though you are going to be busy for the next few weeks -I was just looking at our garden yesterday and thinking it will soon be time to give it a bit of attention. I've been humming away to myself since I read your comment ... yes, I'm a Gilbert & Sullivan fan and the Mikado is my absolute favourite - I was in the chorus of the school production many, many, sigh, many years ago :) Elizabeth x

Di said...

Terrific cards Maggie - all beautiful as always, and I'm going to watch the programme you mention! Love the idea of a butterfly garden and a sunflower growing competition in the playground :) Di xx

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Hi Maggie . . . fab cards . . .I'd like to live in that thatched cottage! Very chocolate box!

I watched the first episode of the programme you mentioned. Very interesting. xxx

Amanda said...

loving the decoupage, i loved nothing better than cutting out while watching the tv, must try and find some of mine and make them into cards.

Karen said...

Gorgeous cards Maggie :) I hope DH had a lovely day for his birthday, belated birthday wishes to him.

Have a lovely weekend, Luv Karen xx

Mrs A. said...

your 1st card really is a stunner.
Have looked ever so closely at it and i can't see any joins/outlines.
Your detail for accuracy is astounding! Let me know when you plant your sunflower and I will do the same. Would have been around sooner but for the pogo stick incident. Hugs Mrs A.

Anonymous said...

Great cards Maggie, especially love the decoupaged photo. We only have a small area for veggies, but also grow lots of herbs in pots on the deck. Everything in my garden is chemical free, just wish I had more room for veggies.


BetteK said...

This will be a bit of a Tim Holtz moment but whilst I don't like decoupage these cards are just lovely Maggie ... so much work has gone into them and your results show just that! Real labours of love! Good luck with your challenge. Love Debbie xXx

Emma said...

Absolutely wonderful cards and the first one is really stunning! Beautifully made and so effective, I adore them!
Hope you had a lovely weekend.
Love Emma xxx

Bernie said...

Oh these are lovely as usual! I can't wait to play in the dirt. No sign of spring here yet but as soon as possible I'll be out there. Love those fresh veggies nothing like a fresh tomato from the garden. I have all the plants that drew them into my gardens before we moved but we don't get butterflies to visit here.
Blessings Bernie