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Monday, 26 March 2012

Crafting is dangerous - that is official in my house

I have just been stung by a bee which was on my rotary cutter.  IT HURT!!!!  but I didn't cry.   I have been using the said cutter all afternoon and then putting it back down on the floor till the next time.  We seem to be plagued with bees in the house at the moment.

We had a HUGE bumble bee crawling round the bedroom floor the other night, scared the dogs to death, they leapt over the bed and shot downstairs until we had removed the bee.  The following morning I went into my craft room and found about a dozen small dark bees, mainly dead, around the floor.  Since then, there has been the odd one or two, but nothing live until this afternoon.  I just wish I knew where they are coming from, then  I could block up the gap .  Being fairly allergic to rather a lot, I am now distinctly nervous about going into my craft room.  We are now restocking on Piriton and all other remedies.

Has anyone else had the same problem with these creatures in the house?  I wouldn't mind but we are busy planting things to encourage bees to survive, then they go and attack me.  Ungrateful insects!

See, I told you crafting was dangerous.


Elizabeth said...

Oh Maggie, ouch! Poor you, that would bother me too ... you're dogs have the right attitude, bees are fine at a distance. I suspect you either have a nest or hive nearby ... have you got a climber or shrub growing near your window perhaps, though why they would want to come inside your house when the weather is smashing outside beats me. Take care. Elizabeth x

Emma said...

Oh Maggie...I hope you're ok. Please take care and I know exactly what you mean about being allergic to everything, I have so many allergie, including penicillin and antibiotics ~ I sometimes think I should be wrapped up in cotton wool. lol.

Look after yourself...
Love Emma xx

Linda said...

Oh dear Maggie, being stung by a bee sure does hurt. We had a bee in our bedroom and my craft room this morning too!

Very ungrateful of them to sting you after planting things for them too.

Linda xxx

May said...

Thats amazing all those bees in your home!! They are not getting in through the loft space as we had a wasp nest in the loft many years ago, or a new neighbour with bee hives??? When you figure out where they are coming from do let us know, or you could buy one of those bee keepers suits to wear in your craft room (lol) bless you, dangerous stuff this crafting!!! Hugs May x x x x

Di said...

Ouch Maggie! Hope you find the source soon - just off to bed here and will be whipping the covers back to check for any intruders! Ha, ha - perhaps not - Len is fast asleep and wouldn't take kindly to me suddenly ripping the duvet off him.

It could be that a nest has been disturbed perhaps? The little ingrates!!

Di xx

BetteK said...

OUCH! Maggie ... how painful for you! I was bombarded by a huge fat bumble-bee on Saturday whilst I was out crafting in The Hut ... or it could have been Sunday - doesn't matter either way, of course! I am sure it had only come in from outside as Phil had the French doors open rather than it having over-wintered inside ... I do love bees (am not called Debbie ... deBBEEEEEEE for nothing!) but don't much like them buzzing so closely around me. We have had a few very large wasps hatching out and do worry they have lurked over the winter somewhere too close for my liking.
You are right though ... crafting IS dangerous ... I am always sticking my pokey-tool into my boobie! Love Debbie xXx

BetteK said...

Oh and this might amuse ... working in school one time I got out my craft-knife. "Can I do the cutting, Mrs. Rock?" came the inevitable request. I explained that only I was "allowed" to use the craft-knife because it was very sharp and I proceeded to slide it out of the casing THE WRONG WAY ROUND and sliced the top off my thumb and had to send the child to the secretary for a plaster!
At least that gave me the perfect opportunity to demonstrate just how sharp and dangerous it was. Love Debbie xXx

BetteK said...

You are quite right, of course, and our crafting should be ... must be ... FUN!!!! Well done for getting 20 cards done! I was pleased to get all my little "In Memory" tags done for this year ... 21 in total ... but it did take 3 days on and off. Hope there are no bees today??? Love Debbie xXx

Lothian Crafts said...

Aw yuk I dont want your desk. No ideas to help with your bee problem but I do hope you get some. Have a good Wednesday Elaine

Paula Gale said...

Hi Maggie

I think it might be something to do with them needing to feed and having no energy makes them a bit sloth-like. I had one last summer on my patio so my mum advised me to get some honey. The bee sat there for ages just sucking this honey up with its tubular tongue. Its was almost like it recharged its batteries. Such a shame you were caught in the cross-fire as it were. Apparently bees are less likely to sting because of the consequences (some of them die as the sting rips out of them). Wasps are a bit more relentless but are more likely to sting at the end of summer.

Hope you find the answers. I'm off to google because i'm sure that there are more incidents... I had a massive bee trying to get in my bedroom window when it was open the other day - thing is, I thought it was trying to get out so opened the window wide to let it fly off then closed it again. Next minute it was trying to get in the bathroom window - really lound buzzing too. Glad to say it didn't get it.

Paula x x x

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Ouch! xxx