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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday 281

Anyone who has landed here from an alien planet, this is a weekly get together of loads of crafting friends.  It is hosted by the lovely Julia from http://stamping-ground.blogspot.co.uk/, who will be delighted to see you and explain it all far better than I can.  So come and join us.

Please do not collapse with shock at seeing a post from me at last.  I know it has been so long and I have no idea where the time has gone.  I am still not back in my craft room as it still looks as it a bomb has hit it, but as the "C" word is creeping ever nearer, I have set up the picnic table in front of my comfortable chair downstairs so I can watch TV at the same time.  I am now into mass production, as these photos show.

 As you can see, today's production line is using 'Twas the Night Before Christmas from Clarity.  I have been doing a bit of stamping every time I went past the table, then I spent my evenings colouring them in with my lovely Derwent Coloursoft.  Last night and today was trimming them and brushing the edges with ink and sticking them onto the base card.  Tomorrow will be doing the inserts, although there are still a few to be coloured.

This is a box of cards made up from three kits that I already had, including a Dufex set, all still needing inserts and two of the sets need envelopes too.  None of these are intended for my own use but for selling at a school Christmas fair.  My daughter has been doing these fairs for some time with some success and I foolishly said that I would join her this year and see what happened with the things I can make.

I also came back from having a massage yesterday morning with an order from her to make 50 Christmas cards for her to send out to her clients.  I still have to price those up.

I happened to glance up from my gluing this afternoon and spotted this glorious rainbow - only a half one but very wide and brilliant.

While I have been busy, I was being watched by this pair of bookends, apparently sound asleep, but really coiled springs in case I got up to go somewhere interesting.  Even me going to the loo is interesting and they have to come too (probably safer as I can stop Gemma stealing and destroying anything she can reach).

As I am writing this just after midnight, I reckon it is time for bed, so I will stop rambling now and hope to see you all tomorrow.    Do go and visit Julia's blog and follow the links to all the other wonderful and varied people who will be there at http://stamping-ground.blogspot.co.uk/  .

Happy un-Christmas!