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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

WOYWW - 191

In case you are wondering why I am showing you a small section of my desk, It is all down to Julia, the Queen of Blogland, who is in charge of us all, and linking us up each Wednesday.

You should have seen this desk this morning.  There was literally not a quarter of an inch clear, certainly no chance of doing any crafting of any kind.  I really did not want to show anyone that total disaster area.  Having got rid of a couple of boxes and files full of paper etc, things were still just as bad.

I was talking to Shaz (Silverwolf) yesterday (Tuesday) morning and we both seem to be doing the same thing, throwing out all the things we have not used for ages, and the bits, minuscule scraps of paper we all know will never get used, not even for Pixie's Snippets.

The odds and ends you can see on the desk at the moment are all from one box of bits I had forgotten about completely.  There are a set of decoupage peel of butterflies, which I had started colouring in.  I mounted them on acetate, and once they are coloured I shall cut them out, and find a suitable background.  I must be determined and finish it off before they get thrown back in the "not sure what to do box".  There is also a little sunset scene, which was printed on to acetate and then mounted onto the identical image (reversed so that they would match perfectly).  It is just waiting to be mounted - I might use Barbara Gray's technique with brayer, ink and cling film to get the background I want.

The two little cottages are an attempt to rescue something from a project that went wrong.  I had drawn a scene with two little cottages in the snow but I did the very thing that always put me off art at school.  I loved drawing, and was not too bad at it (though I says it myself) but always ruined my painstaking work when I had to paint it.   In this case, the drawing was ok, not too bad for  something I have not done for years, but it went completely wrong at the very end.  I have now chopped the worst off, cutting it into two small scenes, but it may yet all end up in the recycling bin.  

I must stop waffling now and let you get on and visit all the other wonderful friends and crafters you will find linked in over on Julia's blog (Stamping Ground).  Have a good week, and I hope those of you in the UK are not flooded out,and everyone else is having good crafting weather.  Take care of yourselves.  xx


Mrs A. said...

Your butterflies are very pretty.
Love the delicate colours. Hugs Mrs A.

Spyder said...

Your projects are looking fabulous and well rescued! (hope that's the right word!) I'm at last early to WOYWW this week, but only because I haven't been to bed yet! Have a great crafty week! Happy WoYww #8


Queenie Jeannie said...

What a GENIUS thing to do with peel-offs!!! I'm totally going to swipe that idea of yours!!

I think as crafters, we're our own worst critic. Guessing your painting isn't nearly as bad as you claim it to be. Did you watercolor it?? I find that's the most "forgiving" medium.

Happy Crafting!
Jeannie #12

Bella said...

good on you for the clean out...I did the same, gave it all to a little girl across the road to play with. Bella #35

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Well done you for using up the bits and pieces you found - it's just the same here...I have sorted out my stash of fabric so that I know which box has what in for me to plough through.....now how long this lasts is completely another matter...LOLOL!
Hugs, LLJ 36 xx

Ali Wade said...

Happy WOYWW. It always feels good when I have a good clear out. I must admit I now have a pile of lovely stash, that I know that I will not use again - but is too good to throw out, so it is waiting to go to a charity shop. They always welcome crafty stash. Ali x #34

Helen said...

Oh, I wish I had seen the desk earlier, lol! I need to prune my scraps too - they are not big enough for scraps really... Loved the snow dragon in the picture below, too!! Helen, 9

Lucy said...

I love going through my 'don't know what to do with' box, a job i'll be doing today infact. I completely understand the time frma einvolved between rediscovering an item and reinterring back to the box. Have a great week! Lucy #23 x

Ria Gall said...

I can't believe you tidied your desk before taking the picture but I am sure we all try to hide the real mess.
Loving the butterflies on your desk I shall check back to see what they end up on.
Ria #44

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

HI Maggie.... ah you had me scurrying over the internet.. your comment about the brayer cling film and ink had me wondering just what it is... but no-one would tell me.. ah well I may try it when next playing with it...by perhaps laying cling film on wet brayered ink I am guessing from photos I saw.
Mm love the peel offs on acetate method too great fun!!
thanks for sharing, Happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #40

Debbie Rock said...

As someone who can't draw even a wonky line I envy you your cottages! Those butterflies are looking just wonderful and I do hope you show us what you do with them eventually! No time to bloghop yet today as I really am up against the clock and no-mojo right now but I did want to stop by your desk Maggie and say Good Morning and Happy WOYWW'ing! Love Debbie #58 xXx

Claire said...

those butterflies are lovely! i found all kinds of useful, forgotten stuff when i sorted boxes and organized my new drawers the other week - who knows what other treasures you'll find!
happy WOYWW and a have wonderful week :)
no. 5

Shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Marg, you were nice & early today. Definitley a bit more space on the desk than you described on Tuesday, lol. I admit I avoid adding colour to images as much as possible, thats when it all goes wrong for me too. Speak soon, Love Shaz xx

Alison Scott said...

Good morning Maggie.
The sunset photo is fabulous. I would love a snap like that blown up in my lounge. The colours would match so well.
I love your idea of the peel offs on acetate. I may go looking for some I know are in my embellishment box.
Alison #72

MrsC.x said...

what pretty butterflies Happy WOYWW Mrs.C #41

Minxy said...

Sometimes it's good to have a purge and rid yourself of the unused and unloved stash, if nothing else it makes room for new goodies lol
Happy Desk Hopping Day
Hugz Minxy #59

Ali said...

Lots of creativity on your desk today - I love the peel-off/acetate butterflies.

I used to be the same as you when at school etc - I could draw reasonably well but if I tried to add colour it just never looked any good. I've gotten better recently since using Promarkers to colour but I still need a lot of work/practice on colouring with pencils or paints.

Ali #73

Karin said...

Happy Wednesday.
Your butterflies are looking very colourful

Karin 111

Anonymous said...

I love those butterflies on acetate, I have some but never knew what to do with them! Perhaps you should just accent your lovely drawing with more pen/pencil strokes and not try to colour it too much?


MiniOwner said...

Oh well done on even thinking about clearing and sorting. I really must do something here! Happy Wednesday. :o)
Sue x (MiniOwner@74)

Julia Dunnit said...

Yes Maggie - grab your determination by the scruff of the neck and finish them...they're gorgeous!! I have over the years, learned enough about myself to know that however much I THINK I'm going to revisit and put right the stuff I can't get to work, I don't. So I offer you three cheers..go yoU!

Di said...

Hi Maggie, I think loads of us are in the mood to sort out! Been doing that today here, and most of last week and the week before :(

The Clarity stamp arrived today - as you say, a super company!

Happy WOYWW, hugs, Di xx

Caro said...

Those butterflies are fantastic! Well done you for sorting out the mess. Happy WOYWW. Thanks for sharing. Caro #60

sandee said...

LOVEEEEEEEEE your blog header picture, did you take it? What kind of birds are they, maybe a Finch of some sort? I'm spying some snwy pictures below your post as I write, will have to investigate! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

Elizabeth said...

Hi Maggie, well, it doesn't look so bad now - your desk, that is. I like those pretty butterflies and if I could draw half as good as you I'd be pretty chuffed :) After all that tidying I hope you've had a good day. Elizabeth x #71

Anne said...

Like the flutterbies. I have been sorting out my scrap card and paper- trying to organise and store better in hope I will use the bits instead of getting new pieces out cos I can't be bothered/have time to look. Envy you being able to draw like that I can't. Anne x

Deanna said...

Your desk looks great! I have been doing the same. But I am still not brave to show my desk. The rest of the room looks clean only because everything is piled on my desk. Hugs Deanna

Nan G said...

Ooo such pretties! I'm a bit late desking...Happy WOYWW! Nan 107

trisha too said...

Well I wish you would come help me sort through my mess, Maggie--it sounds as if you are getting very organized. I'm terrible at getting rid of anything . . .

last again this week?
but at least I made it to the party!
Happy WOYWW!

lisa said...

There must be something in the air, Maggie. I've been sorting out my bit box too. Why do we keep such tiny pieces of paper??
Your little butterflies look great and I'm sure you'll find the perfect thing for them to flutter onto.
Hugs Lisax #63

MaryH said...

Very beautiful butterflies. I'm intrigued by some of your comments about your sunset on acetate, your brayer technique, and so much of what you posted. Your desk is much too tidy, makes me quite envious! I'm off to check out the little pictures I see peeking out below this post. TFS all the tidbits and a very neat desk. Hugs & back to see you soon to find out more about the interesting techniques you may be posting.

April Story said...

I think you're right - it's the beginning of the year and everyone is in the mood for a fresh start. I'm sure we will all get over it soon.
;-)I think your cottages are lovely. I look forward to seeing what you do with them. April #101

Shoshi said...

Thanks for the lovely comment, Maggie! Glad you like my new spoke guards. As for selling them, I could never make it viable because so much time and work is involved.

Nice butterflies. As for the things that went wrong, they can usually be salvaged! Often, what we think is something going wrong really isn't that bad, and other people appreciate it, even if we don't. My trouble, though, is that I can never send anything that I'm not 100% satisfied with!

I am working on an ongoing clear-out in my ARTHaven and perhaps I should be more ruthless, and also throw away all those little scraps that I know I shall never get round to using!

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #111

jude said...

Maggie loving desk and the butterflies this week.we all do that i hold my hands up things ive found started months ago you just forget have funusing them!
Have crafty week hugs judex167

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi Maggie just letting you know have found the link for Barbara Gray on the internet - and have started a blog post on the cling film will publish it around 21st all being well, and include the link to video took me whole to work out which one it is - made them up into lovely cards - or will be when done!! no hurry as dont need them yet!!
thanks gain.. love Shaz.xx