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Probably my favourite craft right now is with parchment, both traditional skills and Groovi, very relaxing and calming to do.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

WOYWW - 178

Why I am showing you a picture of a boring desk top with not a lot to show.  In case you have not heard already, it is just one of around 200 desks on show, courtesy of a very kind hostess, Julia.  When you are bored with this desk, there are loads more fascinating desks to drool over and enjoy if you pop over to Stamping Ground  and follow the links you will find there.

Not too much on my desk again today, really because I am on the home run to finish all the birthday and anniversary cards for 2012.  That really worries me, 'cos it feels as though this year has totally vanished without trace and at great speed.  I cannot believe that we are so close to Christmas, and I don't remember summer.  Is it just my age or does anyone else feel the same?

The last four cards were quickly done as they were mainly standard computer generated cards, mainly to cut down the cost of postage.  Even if they are based on CD images, I always try to make them different in some way, to try to show that I am thinking of the people involved. 

You can see my heat resistant mat on top of my self heal mat.  Underneath all that, but hidden is my precious Splodge Away mat, which really does the business.  If I could fit it in, I would have the A3 size, but sadly I have to be satisfied with the 12 x 12 mat.  Really, it is quite big enough to do whatever I need.  I can't believe how much paper and ink I am saving by using it, and the ink is still useable two or three days later, so you can do several projects along the same colour lines, without having to remix.. 

To change the subject and finish, I hope all of you out there, your friends and families are all safe and well, especially all those in the path of that horrendous superstorm.  Our nephew is just outside Philadelphia, but is fine so far, apart from expecting to lose power, which apparently happens a lot round there.  Keep safe, everyone, and keep in touch.  

Talking about keeping in touch, did you hear that WOYWW was being talked about on local radio on Merseyside this week.  Fame at last, Julia.  Hope lots more crafters come to join us as a result.  Please leave me a message so that I can come round to see you later.

PS I found my missing labels today.  Now what else have I lost..... Oh yes, has anyone seen one of my small Really Useful Boxes that fits in the little unit on the top of my shelves.  I know it is around somewhere.


Elizabeth said...

Love the moody photo of your desk at night. Those cards are lovely - I've had a close look - and I'm sure my husband would be interested in that book - he's not a painter but he is a keen amateur meteorologist with a particular interest in clouds.

Glad to read your nephew is okay and expecting nothing worse than a power-cut. It was an awful storm and I feel for those affected by the worst of it.

So it wasn't national radio but Merseyside that mention of WOYWW was made - shame, I was rather hoping we might be able to pick up a repeat on the web.

Hope you find your wee box soon. Happy WOYWW, Elizabeth x (no number yet)

sandra de said...

I agree this year is just flying by ....those cards look very pretty. So I am sure you have been super busy creating. Have a lovely week.
Sandra @87

barbarabeesblog said...

I guess,its not a matter of age, that you didn't remember summer - I feel the same and I think we feel like this, because there wasn't really a summer, except of a few days and swoosh its gone and autum, almost winter. For me christmas comes always a bit earlier and I'm not prepared at all!
Thank you for stopping by last week and leaving this nice comment.
BarbaraBee '83

Shazsilverwolf said...

Morning Marg, love your header image, thats a beautiful bit of scenery. Summer- hmmm, if memory serves me rightly, didn't we have that during the third week of April? I do agree though, this year really has flown. Whatever happened to being able to see/feel the changing seasons? I really do not like this years weather pattern at all. Speak soon, Love & hugs, Shaz xx

Annie said...

I'm sat reading my WOYWW blogs on my sick bed this week but have my mask on so you don't catch anything. I'm enjoying reading what everyone is up to this week [it's better than reading magazines :-) ]. I'm leaving a copied comment so you know I've called by because my hands are too weak and shaky to keep typing out my comments this week.
Big hugs,
A x #93

lisa said...

Love your new look Maggie. I had to check I'd come to the right blog!!!
You are so organised getting all your cards done. I haven't even started by Xmas cards yet. Did we have Summer????
Hugs Lisax #95

Helen T said...

What a busy looking desk, I love the card with the motobike. Happy WOYWW - Helen T #65

Spyder said...

yes, I mentioned WOYWW some time back in a thingy I was in in a mag, so they printed the WOYWW, but didn't really know what I was on about! My new mat is self healing but my old one isn't and it's a bit messy, even once cleaned, still has sticky bits!
I love the clear useful boxes, and have a few non clear in different colour but don't tend to use them as I forget what's in them! Have a great week, thanks for my snoop!!
HaPpY WoyWw!
((Lyn)) #12

pearshapedcrafting said...

Lovely cards! Don't like the way the days are getting shorter or the fact that this year has run away with itself!! Chris 126

RosC said...

Hello again Maggie,
The David Bellamy book looks useful and you have been reading it from the work in your stamp scapes.
And I saw that Triple Chocky box at the back of the desk...where did they go?
How terrific to get a mention on the radio too. In a way, it doesn't surprise me as this little gathering has been so consistent. I enjoy it so much, the appointment with myself and everyone else each week. It helps to keep me from putting my art down the priority list.
Thank you for your bon mots.
Ros. #102

JoZart said...

Must fess up that it was ME on Radio Meresyside this week being interviewed about different ways of socialising. I worked there for 8 years till I retired.
Love your moody desk dimly lit for the witching hour!!!
Love jo x

Robin Spitzer said...

I love your comment about a butterfly mind....That is exactly how I would describe me....My non-crafty friends think I accomplish tons, but I know that I don't...mostly because of the butterfly mind... I am going to have to remember that one.

scrappymo! said...

Oh...it was our famous JoZart that was on radio!!!
Some nice cards on your desk...I enlarged the photo to try and get a better look...I'm nosy that way!!! teehee

Julia Dunnit said...

Maggie, I'm more likely to find your small RUB than any of the things I've mislaid this week...clear stamps that cling to anything...grrerrrrrrr!! Thank you for your really kind comment onthe day we heard about the Radio thing - it was our Jozarty on BBC Radio Mersey..will of course, be bragging about it very soon! It's not your age..I feel the same too...not having a definitive summer has stuffed the passage of time into one long month really....and that's what I'm telling myself.

Princess Judy Palmer said...

The small RUBs are at my house. I plan to fill them and love them and call them mine! I'm with you that I can't believe that 2012 is almost over with. I'm good with it being over though since it hasn't been the best of years. That looks like quite the interesting book on your desk. I wouldn't dare take a peek at it. Once I read anything arty I suddenly can't make anything because my brain fills up with rules. Best to just wing it!

Angie said...

I know exactly what you mean about the year rushing past ...when I saw people stating 8 weeks /56 days to xmas I went into shock ...and now its even less!!!. I think it is the rubbish Summer that has caused the problem ....not just age.I do wonder why life is so cruel ...why does time speed up when we have less years in front of us.
Iam always loosing things but hate it when i dont know how ...I had my cutting plates ...I piled everything together the other week ...I know I did ...but now they have gone ...no sign anywhere. ???????? Do you think some naughty craft elves have been playing in my room. lol xx#101

Erika said...

Hi Maggie, I'm always loosing things in my crafty space. Great cards and happy crafting,
hugs Erika. 118

Neet said...

If I stop to think it worries me that time is passing so quickly and I am getting older than old. Must not think, just enjoy each day.
Now what on earth is a Splodge mat? No need to answer me as I am going to our club this weekend and we are using them, or a cheaper version at least.
Hope I enjoy mine as much as you obviously enjoy yours.Hugs, Neet x 23 (and thanks for your visit)

okienurse said...

No you aren't along on the time flying past so quickly. I think the older I get the faster it goes. great looking cards! Thanks for sharing and dropping by my blog! Have a great week! Vickie #37

Samantha Elliott said...

Love the new picture at the top of your blog Maggie but not sure I like the box underneath! Arrrgh! I know I have countdown on mine but it is hidden at the bottom!
Does the splodge away mat differ to the TH craft mat then other than not being heat resistant?
Lovely cards on your desk too. I have to get some more non C cards done too. Thanks for the heads up. I usually forget and try to make them with C stuff around!

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Maggie ah yes break neck speed the year is going and we (sorry to rub it in are heading into summer but experience 5 weeks there about of your weather so know it was not warm. I loooove cards below.
Thanks so much for popping over and thanks for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #37

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

PS thanks also for putting my candy on your blog :D friend indeed!
{{big blog hugs}}

Annie said...

It is fun seeing what's on other crafters desk - we are a varied lot! thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving me a lovely comment.
hugs, annie x

Caro said...

So interesting to see what is on your desk this week. I really need a new craft mat as mine has been cut to pieces despite being 'self healing'. Thanks for sharing Caro #80

Shoshi said...

Nice cards, Maggie - economical but individual! Way to go! I agree that time is simply whizzing by these days - I don't think it's just because we're getting older, because I hear young people saying the same!

I was interested to read about the splodge away mat, which I've never heard of before. As for using scrap card for making backgrounds, I got the idea from Jennibellie (link in my blog list) - she's done a Youtube video about it. It's a great idea, and you never know what you're going to end up with! Cleaning off stamps, wiping excess paint off brushes rather than washing it away and wasting it in a jar of water, etc. etc. - you don't waste a thing!

Thank you for your kind words about our family situation. Up until quite recently, we've had an easy time with my elderly parents as they were both very fit and well for their age, but suddenly old age is really catching up with them. My hubby is such a star, bearing the brunt of it all.

Thanks for missing me during my absence!

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #15

Carol Hornby-Clements said...

Time is passing by too quickly.
Happy belated WOYWW