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Probably my favourite craft right now is with parchment, both traditional skills and Groovi, very relaxing and calming to do.

Friday, 26 October 2012

More water colouring

Why is it that when you photograph a card, it never looks straight?  The card is straight, but this photo seems to have distorted it it slightly.  Never mind, you all know these problems.

This is the card I have done for our daughter's 40th today.  Now I have had a tidy up, I can get to my watercolour pencils more easily, and there is room on the desk to put the case.  With that in mind, they have figured more in  my more recent cards.  All the stamps used came from a mixture of Hobby Art sets, which do work together well.

I did drop one clanger, though.  Knowing I was going to colour with watercolour pencils, I should have used a permanent ink pad, but I just grabbed the nearest which was the Adirondack.  Bother!  OK, then, change of plan.  No water, just the colour and a bit more careful blending. 

I needed to extend some of the lines to join stamps into a cohesive image, but most of it was just suing stamps carefully.  Being clear stamps makes things so much easier to position things.  I use the Clarity mounts for all of them as they are light and easy to manipulate.  I also needed to extend the road/pathway in both directions, keeping the right perspective.

While I was tidying up and moving things around last week, I decided to put all my Derwent things together, and realised that I had the blender and burnishing set.  I used the burnisher on this completed scene, and was delighted with the result, a smooth protected surface. 

This is one card that I actually trialed on scrap paper before actually going for it.  With so many small stamps involved, I think it was a wise move.  It did end up roughly as planned with a couple of slight adjustments.

We went over to Webbs Garden Centre yesterday morning, (one of the biggest in the Midlands) to have a look at their Christmas stuff.  Didn't get any Christmas things, but did manage to get into Hobbycraft, who have a large presence there.  Surprisingly enough, there really was not a lot that made me want to spend, apart from pencils, paint and that sort of thing.  I had to keep my purse firmly closed there.


Doreen said...

Oh this is just gorgeous,love the image.xxx

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Oh Maggie, I love it!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!
I have always struggled to read blogs that have black background and could probably tell you all the ones I go to that do.. I actually highlight the page in blue so can read it easier the un-highlight so can see pickies again.
Great photo also at the top too! and great uncluttered look, well done - love pussy too someone else has it and startled me the first time I visited by its movements every time as you use the mouse!!
Now to your card looks perfectly straight downunder :D
Mm have done that about not using permanent ink, too and had to rearrange the plan!
This is lovely, well doe n all your stamp used so well! hope your daughter has great 40th birthday! thanks so much for popping over and also for comment on my WOYWW/ Trick and Treat post too :D all appreciated and make sure you are back for 1.11.12 for Wonderful Encouragers THANK YOU candy! love Shaz in oz.x

Sally H said...

Beautiful scene, Maggie, and beautifully coloured too

brenda said...

Pleased to say this one came up on my dashboard Maggie, so must all be working again now.

Another super scene and I am sure your daughter will love it.

B x

Jacqui's little piece of England said...

This is lovely Maggie what a super scene, very nice

jacqui x

trisha too said...

Very pretty piece, Maggie!

I stopped by to answer your question about monoprinting. A monoprint or monotype is different from other types of printing in that you only make one of a print. You can try this using things you already have on hand with a baking sheet or tray, some paint (smear paint around in a thin on the tray, or use a brayer), or ink (smear the ink pads all over the sheet or tray).

Place a piece of paper on top, smooth it all over with your hands, and peel it up to reveal a print.

That's a very short version! There is an article in the current issue of Altered Arts magazine (it's an online mag) that goes into more detail, and there's lots of stuff online, as well.

Dora said...

beautiful card. love the stamps that you have used.
your colouring looks so soft, that is so beautiful.