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Monday, 8 October 2012

Hobby Art - Brilliant company!

I know I have already shown you these cards, but I do have a valid reason for showing them again.  The stamps are from a British company called Hobby Art, who produce a lot of scene sets of stamps.  They are small stamps and excellent for mixing with other stamps to create pictures.  So far, I only have two of their sets, the Countryside set and the Tuscany set, but I really like them.

Consider my horror yesterday when I went to the box to dig them out and found that they had almost "melted".  I was desperate to use the bird from the Countryside set, and did just manage to keep it in one piece long enough to get an adequate image from it, before it fell into several pieces.  Looking at the others in the two sets, they were all falling to pieces.

I immediately contacted Hobby Art and explained what I had found.  I had a very swift reply from them, in which they said they were replacing both sets straight away.  There had been a problem in the manufacture some time ago, which had only just started to show up, so they could not contact me.

We often moan and complain about poor service, and poor quality, so I think it is very important to shout about really good service and quality when we come across it.  I was very impressed with the friendly and helpful manner from Hobby Art, and I will definitely buy from them again, and would recommend them to all of you.  Thank you, Jenny, for your help.


l00pyscraftcreations said...

Oh no! I must admit I found a stamp which had melted some time ago, and I was very confused about what exactly had gone on, however it was a freebie with a magazine, not one I had deliberatly gone out of my way to purchase, or boy would I have been cross! Glad Hobby Art have sorted it out then hun, xxx

Sally H said...

Two fabulous scenes, Maggie. We must be on the same wavelength, as I too have been using my hobby Art stamps...and the Buzzard too!

RosC said...

I love your stamp scenes which I haven't seen before, not these particular ones. They are very appealing. I assume that you have done some 'connecting' hand drawn? If so, it's very well done.

Great to have good service from the supplier. What a difference it makes to the business relationship. If only the less service oriented people got that message.

All the best,

brenda said...

I've never heard of that happening with stamps Maggie but how nice to know that HA responded so positively.

And belatedly, lovely to have you on board at Craft a Scene.

B x

Mrs A. said...

I have looked at these scene stamps before and thought they looked good. Never heard of stamps melting before either. Glad you got them replaced with no questions asked. A rarity indeed these days so full marks to Hobby Art. Hugs Mrs A.