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Probably my favourite craft right now is with parchment, both traditional skills and Groovi, very relaxing and calming to do.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Car problems and more plant arrivals.

DH went to go out in the Freelander the day before yesterday, only to find that it would not start.  After charging the battery and making sure it was fully charged, he decided to call the AA.  After all we pay a small fortune for the service, so why not use it.  All credit to them, a man on a motor bike arrived within half an hour and got it going again. It is now off to have a new battery fitted and to check why the battery failed.  Good service, though.

On the plant front, we now have a pile of seeds to start off, a box of echinacea plugs to pot on, and three tiny buddleja plants to pit on until we decide exactly where they will go.  Spring is coming!


Linda said...

Hi Maggie so glad that you got the car sorted. Enjoy your planting. I am really looking forward to spring too.

Linda xxx

BetteK said...

Vehicle problems not good! Hope you get to the root of the problem and that you get those seeds planted ... we both hate gardening I'm afraid and Phil works hard just keeping our very basic one ticking over!
Thanks for those promised ebaying tips ... I had quite got the hang of it and then didn't ebay for such a long, long time and had forgotten to bide my time and WAIT (am not known for my patience!) This time I panicked because all the items I wanted from the same seller were all ending at the same time ... never mind, still got them for pennies (but p&p from Hong Kong has added up). Just need to Remain Calm and Aquire One More ... one for each of the nephews cards.
Hope to see you at Easter ... I tend to leap from Land Rover to caravan and then back again on going-home day but, you never know, I might just emerge inbetween times too! Maybe. Love Debbie xXx

Mary said...

Maggie....sounds like you are busy preparing for spring. With the odd weather we've been having, I'm not sure if we are in spring, or if we will still have winter. Thanks for the kind words on my blog page. I did get a lot of cleaning done, although the more I clean the more that needs cleaning. I'm going to try the Versamark and see what kind of results I have. I think I'll first look for a YouTube video for training. Let me know how yours comes out. Have a great week.