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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Clarity delights - New Stamp - Rosie

I know I am committed to Use It Up in 2012, but this is something a little out of the ordinary.  Many years ago, our daughter drew and painted a beautiful rose bud, which you can see here.  This is the original.  I loved it so much that I scanned it onto the computer and have been using it since then for a number of projects.   On the computer, it is listed as Rosie, to help me to find it among all the other images I have stored there.  I used it most recently for a Less is More Challenge, where it was most effective.  I love the simplicity and the detail of it, and it lends itself to so many ideas.

I have often thought it would be good to have it as a stamp, and be able to colour it with other rose shades, but I thought it would be too expensive  and lose too much detail.  Then I had what Barbara Gray calls a "Clarity moment".    I contacted Clarity for advice on what I could do, and before long, I had got the chance to have my stamp made by Clarity, with the same level of care they use on their own stamps.

I decided to have three stamps made from the artwork, and with advice from Pete at Clarity to have them made about 3 inches long.  There is  one for me, one for the creator, and one for Shaz Silverwolf (her mother-in -law).  They arrived this week, and this is one of the images I have stamped from it.  I used Adirondack Pitch Black on to Clarity card, using the "ink, blot, plot" method.  If you are stamping on to non shiny card, which is more absorbent, then you should not need to blot between the ink and the plot bits.

I cannot praise the people at Clarity enough.  the amount of detail they have got into this bespoke stamp is brilliant.   Like all Clarity stamps, it is deeply cut, so there is little chance of getting ink in the wrong place, and comes on its own mount.  It is light and easy to use, beautifully balanced, so it is easy for anyone with dexterity problems.  I can't wait to really get going with it.

Our daughter is really delighted at how good her design looks on this stamp, and it has fired her interest to see what else she can create for more possible stamps.  So watch this space and see what else her talent comes up with.

Thank you again to Pete and all those at Clarity who made this possible.  Definitely a company to work with, such friendly staff, with advice always available.


Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

awesome work there Maggie love this stamp I do as I am a rose fanatic well done all of you! and yes remember the card you made for less is more too! Shaz in oz.x

Shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Marg, I have just taken delivery of my stamp, thank you so much. It is lovely, isn't it? I remember Beck doing this design, so it is very special.I love the image you have coloured, beautiful shading. happy Mothering Sunday to you too, Love Shaz xxx

Jacqui's little piece of England said...

What a beautiful stamp Maggie, I must admit I have several clarity stamps and they are really nice to use.

Enjoy your stamp it is beautiful.

jacqui x

Sam said...

Beautiful stamp Maggie. Perhaps you should have had some more made, and perhaps put the money to a worthy cause. I would buy one from you as it is gorgeous.

Wendy L said...

Great. I did not know they would do this for you. xxxx

Linda said...

I do love this stamp Maggie. Your daughter is very talented and I look forward to seeing more of her designs. Thank you for sharing.

Linda xxxx

Eileen said...

How brilliant is all this Maggie! ... A truly lovely stamp and well done to Barbara and the Clarity team for taking so much trouble to do it justice! ... Gorgeous stamp xxx

Bernie said...

WOW this is just fantastic! Your daughter is an amazing artist and I too look forward to seeing more of her work. The stamps is brilliant and I'm sure you will enjoy it for years to come. I think you can be forgiven for braking your pledge as this is indeed something quite out of the ordinary

Emma said...

Oh Maggie...what a wonderful story and a beautiful image. You are so lucky to have this made into a stamp. You must be so proud and honoured to use it and I'm sure all your cards that feature this stunning image will be wonderful!
Love Emma xxx

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

BRILLIANT post and LOVELY stamp. Congrats xxx

Bellaidea said...

very pretty! regards from 136!

Sherry Edwards said...

How lovely to have your daughter's artwork made into a stamp and it's nice to know the people at Clarity are as nice as they seem when I've seen them either on TV or at shows.