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Saturday 17 March 2012

Pixie's Snippets Challenge 12

All these cards are made from snippets and bits and pieces that I have sitting round in my craft room in various boxes and files.  I am entering them into Pixie's Snippets Challenge for this week.  I am a bit late arriving in the playground this week, but I reckon I just made it before the bell goes.  I might even manage a go on the swings before we all go in for registration.

My first offering is a decoupage I put together from a picture in one of our very old Beatrix Potter books to see if it would work.  It looked a little stark on the card so I added the flowery peeloff edging which bends round quite well and there are some bits just tucked under the decoupage layers.  Not sure I would repeat this particular make - could do better, but this was sitting there so it needed to be used up.

This one was a groups of bits left over from another card ages ago, which I could not bear to throw away.  I think they many have come from an older Joanna Sheen CD, but I am not absolutely sure about that.  The card was from a batch of pearlescent ready folded cards I picked up on offer at Hayley West's shop ages ago.    It matched the artwork beautifully.  None of it is complicated, just a piece of backing paper cut diagonally to fit across the bottom of the card, with the main art work on top of that.  The peeloff edging was cut to fit exactly even to cutting the angles.  Actually as I look at this now, I think I might go on a search for the right CD and repeat this idea.  I love the colours and the design from Joanna.  My only problem is that I think I have finished my stock of cards that colour.  Mmm a bit more thought there.

The base card is another of those pearlescent set, and I had done the embossing ages ago as a play around, then shoved it into the box of stuff.  One of the things I am trying to use up this year are my collection of peeloffs, so the embossed squares lent themselves to filling in the gaps.The embossing of the card is something I have not done much of in recent time, but I might do a bit more having dug this one out.

Again the card is from the same set as the last two.  The toppe in the centre is one I did about three years ago and was found in an envelope of other similar things.  It started off as a circle of acetate, with the flower design printed on the back.  The I used my Sakurea pens to colour it it.  The main problem with this is to remember that you need to do the foreground first, a little like stamping, and build up the background after that.  It was mounted on white glitter card before being stuck onto the base card.  Sadly you cannot see the glitter in this photo, but it is there, honest.

Same technique here, except that I then mounted the design on its glitter card onto a circle of silver mirri card.    that just looks black in the photos, which is a shame.  It really sparkles in real life, but you will have to take my word for that.

My final offering only really qualifies as a gift card, it is so tiny.  It is only two inches square.  It really does qualify as a snippet card.  Even the white base card is a snippet left over from a larger project.  This is another acetate picture, which was coloured with the Sakuras, and then mounted direct onto the silver mirri card.  The photos distorts the colouring a little, and makes it seem as though the colours have run, which they haven't.  You may see a few more of this type of card appearing over the next few weeks as there are a lot in the envelope, just waiting to be used.  I might try backing some of them with gold and silver leaf and gilding flakes.  I can't waste them, can I?

Ok, now I have done my homework, I am off to have a go on the swings and the roundabout if there is room over there.  Looking forward to seeing you all there.  Thank you to Di for all her hard work in monitoring our little efforts.  See you all soon. xx


Di said...

Super cards Maggie, and a lovely selection of techniques too. Mr Linky took me to Debbie's blog (Que?) but I sorted it easily earlier on.

I was very moved by your comment earlier about Mother's Day too - I know just what you mean about feeling as if you've lost someone as they disappear into their own world. Very sad.

I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow with your own family - and, your Mum will be quietly watching and smiling I'm sure honey!

Hugs, Di xx

Mrs A. said...

Your Beatrixc Potter card looks just like a page from the books with the edging around it. Super use of those snippets. Fancy a go with my kite? hugs Mrs A.