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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

WOYWW - 92

This was actually taken yesterday when the sunshine blazing in through the windows did give me a few problems with light and dark patches, but it was so good to see that big yellow thing in the sky.  Did anyone see the 700th edition of The Sky At Night on Sunday?  Brilliant programme but Brian Cox did say that the sun loses several billion tons every second - scary - but he did say we don't need to worry any time soon, as there is plenty to lose.  So I think we shall just enjoy it while we can see it after all the dull weather this year.

Back to the desk now.  From a very tidy craft room, I have deteriorated to the push the piles back state.  A bit of tidying up required, I think, but not in the next couple of days.  It is looking very much as if, by the time, this post is published, our fourth grandchild should have arrived, so I need to find the iron under all the plaster dust, get that shawl pressed and finish the card.  That is on my desk, looking a bit pink here, but there is a piece of blue card there too, so both are covered.  I also went out this afternoon down to Hayley West's shop (Little Lou's Craft Supplies - Hayley is one of the resident demonstrators on Create and Craft) to get some pink and some blue ribbons to finish off the birth card - I only spent 90p, and came away with the only thing I went for.  I must get down there again soon to have a good mooch round at all her new stuff when life calms down and I can really spend time.

I have also been playing around with another of Barbara Gray's Clarity stamps - the feather, which is so delicate.  My only complaint is that the W in Wing in the verse is a little hard to read initially.  What I did with the cards you can see in the background was to stamp the image and import it into the computer into My Craft Studio.  There I could change the colour to one I do not have the ink pad for, but more importantly, it allowed me to change the sizing to create and print out the background card with smaller feathers.  I changed it all to a sepia tone, and reduced the opacity of the background, and lifted it on the topper.  The card was just from a stash of cheap hammered cards I have had for ages, but I think they worked really well.  The toppers were mounted onto dark brown card from Papermill, using coppery coloured brads (I wish I could remember where I got them as I have run out).  I did have a problem with one as I forgot I had printed on vellum and went ahead and applied adhesive, ready to mount it.  Mistake!  So I then mounted that one on silver leaf and mounted that on the brown card.  It still worked, and looked pretty good.

When we were designing the layout of my craft room, one or two friends said I should have my work desk across the window, but I objected.  If you look at this, you may see why.  If my desk had been across the window, it would have been far too hot to work whenever the sun was out.  It would also have stopped me from just swinging round, grabbing the binoculars to see what bird life is around at any time.  Our lawn does not really exist, and in the wet, resembles runny chocolate (without the taste or smell) rather than grass.  Two dogs tearing round do not help.  However, the feeders do bring in quite a wide range of small garden birds which are fun to watch.  Must clean the windows to get rid of that plaster dust again.

If the baby does arrive in the next 24 hours, I will put a PS, and show the finished card.  In the meantime, if you arrived here by other means, do slip across to Julia, our leader, at http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/     where you will find lots of interesting desks to mooch through.  To all those who are feeling less than 100%, good luck this week and may you all feel fine very soon, and to everyone, thank you for coming to see me and leave such lovely comments.

PS Still nothing on the grandchild front.  Watch this space.


Susan Allan said...

I love Brian Cox, he explains things so well. Did you see his programme on the universe? He is very watchable.
Sue xx 72

Di said...

How controlled just buying what you went for! Love the idea of fiddling with stamped images - only limited by your imagination and you have plenty of that so have learned another good tip on my Wednesday trolls :) Will keep checking re. baby's arrival! Di x

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Pretty garden and tree down there Maggie, with that gorgeous bark, saw it when in Manchester and think it was a cherry tree or something.. probably wide of the mark knowing me but fascinating texture to the bark.. pray for safe arrival granma!
love Shaz in Oz.x

sasa said...

Hope all goes well - spent 3 days in the Labour Ward waiting for my sister's baby! Great bargains too!

Thanks for the peek and sharing,

Sarah (sasa at 4)

Karen said...

Best wishes for you all re the new Grandchild, I hope baby arrives safely soon xx
Lovely creative space.
Have a great WOYWW,
Karen #92

Shazsilverwolf said...

Love the cards Marg, I agree about the W in that stamp- I have often looked at it, but that does put me off!

Helen said...

Hope all goes well with the birth soon, then!

Anonymous said...

Lots going on - love the feather cards.
Hope Grandchild arrives safely soon.
x Tricia (60)

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh it's aggers isn't it - the waiting! I love the view you have, whetehr you face it or not..and that slanting sunlight onto your desk - bliss!

Mrs A. said...

The finished shawl looks lovely.A real labour of love. Best wishes for your future new arrival. Hugs Mrs A.#58

okienurse said...

Hope you found the card and the iron to iron the shawl for the baby. I have a granddaughter and no others. I used to tell my children I was too old to be a grandmother and I think they took it to heart. One is 32 and one is 35 and only one grandchild. Love the view from the window! Thanks for sharing! Vickie #69

Stamping 4 Pleasure said...

Love you pictures. I'm also a big Brian Cox fan and am enjoying his new series on the Universe.
Playing catch-up on my visits.
Hugs, Sandra (WOYWW no. 59)

The Crafty Elf said...

First of all, congratulations on your fourth grandchild. Secondly...would love to have the sun beam across my work desk but that won't happen because of where my desk is. I can look outside and see the sun if it would ever shine. Lastly, your view out to your yard is spectacular. Thanks for the peek today.

lisa said...

Many congrtulations on the safe arrival of Rosie, what a pretty name and what a gorgeous shawl for her to have. It must have taken you hours. My MIL made one for me when our daughter was born and I have put it safely away to be passed on in the future. They are something special when made by Gramdmas!!!
You have a very sunny desk this week, hasn't it been great to see it, although we have had terrible gales here today so there hasn't been much warmth.
Thank you so much for your lovely comments. We are very lucky to live in a beautiful part of the country and sometimes take it for granted. I know Bingley very well having worked at what was Bradford and Bingley HO for sometime.
Enjoy your new arrival.
Hugs Lisa (119)

Vicki B in OP NY said...

Thanks for the snoop and share. I appreciate your empathy at the upside down and dusty turmoil that come with a house painter. The work is coming along well. Hugs
Vicki 120

Aud said...

Hope your new arrival is well, have fun making a card for them. Thanks for the peek, your desk looks to have loads of nice crafty bits. Audx

S said...

Thanks for dropping my blog. I envy that you actually have sunshine - we're on our third cloudy rainy day in a row and it's not very inspiring for crafting.

Marjo said...

How exciting and so hard to wait! Love the pics. Thanks for the peek and sharing.

Hugs, Marjo #6

JoZart said...

Really interesting post and congrats on the new addition. You finished that beautiful shawl just in time. Enjoy your first magic visit!
Love JoZarty x
Thanks for your comment on mine too.

Spyder said...

Love that feather, it looks real! Happy WOYWW!

Sherry Edwards said...

All that lovely sunshine coming through, gladdens the heart doesn't it!

Just seen your post above - many congratulations on the birth of your new grand daughter xx

Sherry - 133 - thanks for stopping by my desk already x

Jana said...

Ohhhh. A granddaughter. How blessed!! Congratulations. Love that the sun came out for you. Must have been a good omen. Thanks for sharing your workdesk. I love seeing those cards you are working on. They look great so far.

Jovita said...

Your cards you have on display are lovely. A new grand-daughter, very exciting, congratulations grandma.
Hugs, 152

Sam said...

Congratulations on your granddaughter! Love your room and your cards are beautiful!

Nicky said...

Congrat on your granddaughter one advantage of visiting late and she looks so cosy wrapped in the shawl ~ sorry I'm running late this week on noseing round the desks lol - Nicky no.2