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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Less is more - Version 9

After posting my last design, I went back and changed things a little, mainly in the band across the centre, which I changed from the ribbon to another border from the My Craft Studio Library, the lace design.  Again the colour of this had to be adjusted to tone with the backing paper, and the writing changed to reflect that this card is for someone else.  Both cards are for my sisters-in-law, who are identical twins.

If you would like to see lots more on the same design brief, just go to http://simplylessismoore.blogspot.com/
PS I am having problems today, getting my photos to show up on my blog.  In fact I had to go from using Firefox back to Internet Explorer to get to see it myself.  The original sketch is showing up but not my card.  I hope you have enough patience to find it.


Susan said...

Love the lacy look you added...perfect!

Chrissie said...

Thanks for another submission Maggie.
I think that as you have chosen to reduce the proportional width of the card from DL to something much narrower, this version with the medallion in the centre of the band works better than your previous one, as yours is such a slender card.
Thanks for working so hard on this challenge and we hope to see you next time!
"Less is More"

Viv's Visuals said...

This is a really nice card Margaret - blogger drove me to distraction yesterday - it seems to have settled down a bit today.. thankfully!

Vicky Hayes said...

These cards are so pretty and feminine. Love the coordination too!

Faith A said...

Another pretty card, the Twins will be thrilled with them.

Thank you so much for the lovely comment on my blog.

Di said...

Hi Maggie

You asked about 'sticking a posting' to the top of a blog. I've replied in my blog candy posting comments (only a few days to go now) - but, in case you don't hop back here's how (sorry I can't see how to email you).

This is how...using Blogger at least. Write your post and publish it as usual, then go into Edit and go back into that same posting. To the left underneath the text box there's 'Post Options' - that's the thingie you use to schedule postings. When you click on that you'll then see 'Post date and time' pop up to the right hand side. Just change that to the future date you have in mind and the post will stay at the top until the date/time you input is reached. Hope this explains it OK? Hugs, Di x

Stamping 4 Pleasure said...

ANother lovely version of the other card. Congrats.
Hugs, Sandra