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Friday, 11 March 2011

Why did I buy this kit?

I think I have mentioned in a previous post somewhere that I am trying to get down the amount of stuff I bought before I knew any better, with mixed results.  One kit I bought because it looked good was a metallics set, with die cut decoupage sheets, metallic borders and paper and cards to put them on.  If I had had any sense, I would have sent the whole thing back.  The cards were quite pretty, but they had a die cut centre which was supposed to pop out if you wanted.  However it had been badly cut and they were all off centre quite badly.  The metallic decoupage, although very shiny, was poorly printed, with little definition in the images, and the borders and papers did not really match.   So the whole thing got shoved to the back while I thought about it.  I tried making a couple of cards but I just did not lie the results - they looked tatty and ill matched.

After resorting all my craft stuff, I could do with emptying a couple of boxes, so this kit came out again, and I sat and looked at it again without much enthusiasm.  I had another go at making something with the kit with no real success.  Then I got the brown and black card out to do the feather topper backings, finished those cards and went to bed.  We had several phone calls in the middle of the night to give us the updates on our new grandchild, and during one of those waking spells, I had a thought on how I could use the stuff, and finally get rid.

I cut the brown card into A5 with a scalloped edge, embossed the fan lines (thanks to Ikkie for that idea), sprayed the front with Crafters Companion spray glitter, then mounted the decoupage on that.  The first card is black, but I prefer the second one which is brown card from Papermill.  It is less harsh on the eye for this purpose.  At least, you get some idea of what the design is when it is mounted on the darker card.  I shall finish them all off over the next couple of weeks, and probably donate them to some charity.  Other people may think they are better than I do, and if they can make some money from them, then that is good.

Right, I am off now to get ready for our first visit to little Rosie and her parents and big sister, Charlotte.  Before that, we still have to empty the caravan, ready to take it to the dealers for its first service tomorrow.  When will our house be straight........?


ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Congrats on the safe arrival of little Rosie Maggie and thanks for sharing lovely to have a brand new little grandie to coo over it, enjoy!
Shaz in oz.x

aah! I do not like this word verification though I have turned mine off cos it drives me balmy.. not sure really why it is there when I have to approve my comments anyway..

Shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Marg- I know exactly what you mean about ' what was I thinking of?'. Whenever I have a good tidy/sort, I find things that make me think exactly that. I do suppose it shows how our crafting has grown & changed, lol. That's my excuse anyway.

Elizabeth said...

Hello Maggie, firstly, congratulations on the arrival of Rosie - she is gorgeous and it is so nice to see your heirloom shawl in use. Secondly, I also know exactly what you mean with 'what was I think off?', been there, done it:) It's all part of the learning process I suppose. However, you've it certainly looks as though you've rescued it - I would have been tempted to break up the kit and use the materials in different ways in the circumstances too. Elizabeth x #97