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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

WOYWW - 240

Warning - loads of photos today - sorry Julia.

This might not be my desk today, but it does show what I have on my desk.  Having taken all the cards down, I am in the middle of sorting them out, keeping all the lovely hand made cards and some others from the family.  The rest will get sorted for recycling, upcycling in some way.  Nothing will be wasted. The hand made ones will come out again in future years. 

There is no particular order to these cards, they are showing just as the computer sorted them.   I love how they show so many styles and how people like to work.  Every single one is a masterpiece in its own right.

Lynne & Charles

Some people like to stick things.  Others are so good with a camera, having a good eye for what pleases.

Some go for traditional images.

Others like more modern styles.



 Others recycle.

Others leave me wondering how they manage to get such masterpieces done in time


 I have to apologise to Debbie as this scan does not do justice at all to the hard work she put into her card and the beautiful masterpiece I received.

This was a real achievement for Trissa, as she had to overcome deep feelings even to do this card for me.  Thank you.

This one came from my neighbours, who involve their children at all stages.  They like to use the computer for their offerings.

Charlotte has just started school and this was her very own design.

As you can see, my treasures are a varied group, but they are all valued and they are all art.  thank you to all those who spent their time and energy in thinking of me at such a busy time.  

If you are still with me, thank you for that.  I am sure you would like to see lots more treasures on show over at Julia's Place.  She and all her other visitors will be delighted to see you and to hear from you.  With luck, there may be some coffee on the go and, perhaps, some shortbread left over from Christmas.  Enjoy!

PS  Look at what Google did to Charlotte's card, all by itself.  I did not ask it to do it but it is rather cute.


Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Ah Maggie how very blessed we are to have so many kind caring friends some lovely shares indeed! Shaz in Oz.x #27

Anne said...

Lovely cards you received Maggie thanks for sharing. Anne x #41

Annie said...

Hi Maggie. So lovely to see some of the extra special cards you received this year....like you, I have so many I have to 'do' something with cos I can't part with them. :-)
A x # 10

Twiglet said...

Such a beautifull array of cards - I think I like that litle snowman best!! Have a crafty 2014. x Jo

Ria Gall said...

Hi Maggie
crafters are such wonderful people and those cards are really amazing each and every one of them
Have a great WOYWW today and enjoy the rest of your week
Hugs Ria #6

sandysewin said...

Oh, I love seeing everybody's Christmas card, such works of art. Charlotte's card is darling, with or without the snow flurries. :-)

Here in Massachusetts it's a brisk 5° this morning. I'm staying in and sewing!

Happy Woyww,

Sandy #74

Winnie said...

Such wonderful cards you recieved and shared! I am smiling about Google adding the snow, how fun! Wishing you all the best in 2014!Winnie#44

Shaz Brooks said...

Morning Marg, what a lovely selection of cards, the snowman is so cute!Debbies pointsettia card is beautiful. Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #93xx

Princess Judy Palmer said...

It's snowing on Charlotte's card! That's crazy. What a great assortment of cards you've received. It is true that every card reflects the maker and is special in its own right! Thanks for sharing! Judy #83

My name is Cindy said...

lovely post, so nice to showcase some of your received cards, I think I may have to do the same - it's a shame to hide them away!! Well done you for your marathon xmas card making - 130 cards is a lot! Everyone I have visited today seems to be determined to get ahead for next year - I wonder if we will succeed? Happy WOYWW Cindy #46

Helen said...

lovely to see your cards! happy WOYWW helen 100

MaryH said...

Ah Maggie, thank you for sharing all the beautiful cards you were blessed to receive this Christmas. Saw some familiar names in the bunch and got to admire their work all over again. I was especially impressed with Charlotte's snowman. This would be a super effort for any cardmaker, but to think she is just starting school. WOW - some awesome crafty talent here. Hope things are going ok for you, and looking forward to seeing your crafty posts in 2014. Hugs & TFS

Tertia said...

All those cards are amazing, but I think Charlotte's is my favourite! So free and honest, just lovely! Even Google thought it was great.
Happy WOYWW!
Tertia #50

Annie Claxton said...

What a lovely lot of cards - I think Charlotte's is the sweetest of all.
Your Christmas candles made me smile - we used to have a big candle in the shape of Buddha, which got left too close to the fire one evening ... the next morning we found a very "laid-back" Buddha, but I just had to keep him anyway! :o) Annie #41

Annie Claxton said...

Hi Maggie, don't know why but my comment hasn't gone on ... so here it is again (sorry if I@m repeating myself!)
Lovely lot of cards - Charlotte's is especially sweet :o)
Had to smile at your Christmas candles - we had a Buddha candle once, which got left too close to the fire one evening and was found looking very laid back the next morning - but of course I had to keep him!
Happy day-after-WOYWW! Annie #41

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You got some fantastic cards this year. I didn't show any of mine, but maybe I should. I love Charlotte's. Very cute. I'm a bit late, but happy belated WOYWW from #5.

fairy thoughts said...

hi maggie some great cards there i woulnt want to part with them either
janet # 11

Dora said...

beautiful cards! the first one I like that the most.
great scene!!

glitterandglue said...

A lovely selection, Maggie. Have peeped at some of your other posts around this one - I LOVE your candles!!!!!
Margaret #45

Darnell J Knauss said...

Hi, Maggie! I'm sorry I'm so late to visit this week what with blogger acting up and deleting my comments when I go to hit publish. Very annoying!

I came in through the front door today and enjoyed your more recent posts, too, especially the Friday Smile of Charlotte and her very own lovey!

You received oodles of varied and wonderful cards! Thank you for including mine in your showcase!
Happy Belated WOYWW! Enjoy the rest of your week!! Hugs, Darnell #12