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Monday, 13 January 2014

Wolves galore!

This is another of my crafting hobbies, which actually came before card making.   Some years ago, I had a bad dose of vertigo, and could not even move my head, without the world spinning madly - very sick making, and it took a good six weeks before it subsided.  

During that time, I needed something to keep me occupied.  I had one tiny cross stitch kit of a dolphin, specially for children, which suited me as I had never done any cross stitch.  I had done some limited tapestry work, using kits bought from the local needle maker's factory shop (Redditch was the centre of needle making in this country and possibly worldwide at that time).  Sadly, all the local needlemakers have all gone out of business, apart from one making surgical needles.  All our needles are now made abroad and some get packed in this country - what a wicked sin!

Anyway, back to me and my vertigo and cross stitch.  I found that I could do this kit and still keep my head perfectly still.  From small beginnings grew a real passion, and cross stitch kits and projects now form one of my SABLES (Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy).  After a while, I wanted to do more complicated designs, and I found these three wolf pictures.  They are all from kits.  Please excuse the flash on each one, but they are hung safely out of direct light and I cannot reach to get them down.  The two single wolf pictures are done on very fine linen, and were so satisfying to do.  Once the first eye was in place, the whole thing came alive.

This third picture of the pack was much easier, being on larger Aida and easier to see, but because it was easier, it did not give me quite the same satisfaction to complete.  All three pictures were really done for Geoff, who really loved wolves, but I do like them myself. 
I am intending to get back to doing some of my outstanding cross stitch projects sometime this year.  I have three things on the go as it is.  There is a large picture of a Unicorn on the big frame, on fine Aida, which is almost finished.  Another week would probably see it completed.  Then, I have a series of  small squares which fit together to create the 12 Days of Christmas.  That is on much larger Aida, which makes it good to take away and do in the caravan.  That, too, is not far off.  I think I have done seven of the twelve days.  You never know, I might show you that one by Christmas 2014.

I will show you some of the other projects I have completed later in the year.  Meanwhile, it is time for my lunch so I am off.  If you like what you see, please leave me a message and I will answer you.


Di said...

Oh Maggie, these are beautiful! A LOT of work and love went into making those for sure.

It's a good while since I did cross stitch but also did a lot when caravanning, so relaxing!

Ha, ha - I can see a bit of wood which I think is my desk here - been doing some serious sorting out!

Hugs, Di xx

Linda Simpson said...

Snap Maggie, I did Cross Stitching before I got into card making. The house is dotted with lots of my finished projects. I made one of a dragon over a castle as hubby loves fantasy. I made quite a few for wedding anniversary presents too.
Thank you for sharing.

Linda xxx

Dora said...

fantastic done, this takes a lot of time. beautiful!

okienurse said...

beautiful work Maggie! Love the wolves and those done on linen really look like photographs! Thats one of the benefits of coming late to the WOYWW party is that you can see what others are doing after Wednesday! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Hope you are having a great week. Vickie #104

MaryH said...

Maggie, these are knockdown gorgeous, and I think the pack is probably my fav, even if you say it was the easiest. Quite a labor of love, and it shows. Had to laugh at your new word. You must share that one with Darnell. How I am increasing my vocabulary, with NBUS (never before used stuff-Darnell), VOS (very old stuff - Scrappymoi) and now SABLE. Love it! TFS