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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Belatedly, my Christmas hurdle.

When I decided that I was still going to make my own cards for Christmas, this was the only design I could come up with that would work in a hurry.  Having realised that I needed 130 cards, I knew it was going to have to be what I really hate - a mass production.

I detest making more than one of any card, at a push (for notelets etc) half a dozen, so this was immediately daunting.  readers of my blog may remember that this was a card that I have already shown you, so I will not bore you with details of how I created the original.  For anyone who would like to know, then please follow this link http://silvercrafter.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/you-can-do-it.html

The original card went off to Barbara Gray at Clarity Stamps, so I only have a scan on the computer.  This time, I brought up the scan, cropped it to remove the card itself, leaving me only with the topper.  Using My Craft Studio, I managed to get four on a piece of A4 white card, and then set the printer into action, with several stops for ink changes.  Then they all had to be guillotined, after which I edged each one with the chisel end of a black Promarker, before putting fingerlift tape on the back.  They were all mounted on plain white card before the marathon of writing them and getting them out.

Everyone seemed to like them, but I am never ever doing them in this way again.  It felt like cheating and really gave me no satisfaction.  As a result, I am starting my cards this year in February, and writing them before the end of November.

Tomorrow, hopefully, I will show you some of the lovely hand made cards that I received, all of which I will keep as always.  If anyone takes the time and trouble to make a card for me, I always appreciate it and keep it.


MaryH said...

Hi Maggie, Just saw your comment over at Hettie's, & wanted to zip by to say Hello. I'm with you on not making the same card several times. Yours was just lovely, and I'm going to follow the link to read the how-to. I just wanted to say that I hope you are faring well, were able to have a nice Christmas, and ready for wonderful happy things in 2014. Looking forward to seeing your blog this year. TFS & Hugs. Stay warm.

Shaz Brooks said...

I agree Marg, its the idea of doing so many cards the same thats off putting. Although I managed them better this year than I normally do.
Yours did come out beautifully though. Speak soon, Love Shaz xx

Linda Simpson said...

Totally agree with the ladies, I only like to make a card once too. I must say Maggie this is stunning! The blue background looks fabulous with the scene you created.

Linda xxx

Hettie said...

I love this card Maggie, and like you I am not keen on making duplicates so always tweek them if they are similar.
Thanks for your visit. Why not start ready for Rudolph Day on 25th with Sandra (Stamping for Pleasure)!

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Ah think that is how most crafters feel Maggie quick read of the post totally impressed me on your skill, well done you! Shaz in Oz.xx

Dora said...

fantastic scene!!

okienurse said...

I have enjoyed reading through the weeks post and am happy I made it here so late in the week! You stay so busy and manage to blog so eloquently almost daily! Love all the cards! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Hope you are having a great week. Vickie #104