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Friday, 10 January 2014

New tech stuff

I was pointed in the direction of the Sonos music system by my son, who is rapidly turning out to be as gadgetty as me.  I am now hooked by its adaptability.

There is a small Bridge component which is wired to the computer via a router.  Then you can put a number of the speaker components anywhere in the house, linked wirelessly to the Bridge.  I started with one speaker which I have in the kitchen, so that I can play any of my music, which is all stored on the computer, while doing things in there.

Then I thought it might be good to have a speaker in the bedroom so that I can play my relaxation music and try to get some more sleep, so another speaker was ordered.  Because it arrived just before Christmas, I had not got round to fitting it.  This week was crunch time.

According to the instructions, it is easy to add another speaker to the system. Nah! Not so.  at least not for me this week.  I tried everything that Sonos said, but nothing would persuade the system to see this new speaker.  Having fitted other things, I was fairly sure that a software update was what was needed, but nothing I did would convince it to do an update.

After 2 hours, I lost patience and I had visitors anyway.  So I left it alone for a bit.  After the visitors had gone, I thought I would have one more go.  Needless to say, being a stroppy person who hates to be beaten, it was more than one go.  Eventually, I emailed Sonos with my problem.  Strangely, five minutes later, the system decided that it did want to update and did it.  Five seconds later, the speaker was installed and working.

I can now play the same music wherever I have a speaker, using my mobile phone as a controller, or I could, if I really wanted, play different music through different speakers.  Cool?  I think so.

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Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ah Maggie sounds delightful would you like to come and set it up in my house :D prob not after your effort .. well done you!! Shaz in oz.x