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Friday, 24 January 2014

Friday Smile

This is part of what made me smile today.  I can cope with this dismal weather when I come home from the gym and find an envelope from Clarity Stamps in the porch.  This is a brand new set and I have loads of ideas for playing with these.  There are the six petal stamps and the matching stencil to mix and match.

The word Filigraphy was conjured up by Barbara Gray to use instead of Zentangle.  There is, apparently, an copyright issue over the word Zentangle, so she just invented a new word.  It is a mix of Filigree and Calligraphy.  
Don't forget to do the Big Garden Bird Count this weekend.  I was so pleased to see my male woodpecker back on the feeders this week, wolfing down the sunflowers.  The robin is in and out, like a fiddler's elbow, scoffing the dried mealworms.  

If you want to see some other smiley things, just slip over to Annie's blog at A Stitch In Time, where she shares, sometimes with a joke added in too for good measure.


Di said...

Luscious goodies from Clarity Maggie! Do not tempt me :)

Am all ready for Bird Watch here, sadly no woodpecker though - and you really made me giggle about the fiddlers elbow :) Haven't heard that expression for a while - it paints such a perfect picture!

Have a good weekend, I think we're due for another 'hooley' on Sunday. Still, there's not much of the fence left anyhow :)

Hugs, Di xx

Annie said...

What a fab new stamp and live the new word that comes with it :-)
I shall be counting birds thus weekend too :-)
Annie x

okienurse said...

Filograpy...what a great term for it. Love the stamps and stencil I could see a lot of use for that. Have fun playing with it! Vickie aka Okienurse

Laura said...

Those petals look good fun.
I love birds (hence the blog name). I hate birdwatch weekend... every day we have loads of birds. The one weekend in the year when we need to count them they all disappear!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What will they think of next? Filography? I know zentangles have been around for ages, but I don't do zentangles, zendoodles, and now apparently filography (grin).

I stopped by yesterday and tried to leave a comment. When I did, Blogger told me I had to log in. I was already logged in, but apparently Blogger didn't think so. So when I tried, I couldn't get to my Dashboard. I rebooted THREE times and finally got here again. I've had it with Blogger.

Having said all that, I really DO like those stamps. Now I'm off to see your WOYWW post, too.