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Saturday, 25 January 2014

RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch - Where are all the birds?

Every year, we have done this bird count, which is to identify which birds are doing well and which are in danger.  

Every year, for weeks we have a wide range of birds, usually in large flocks.

Every year, on the weekend of the Big Bird count, all the birds vanish.  Who tells them and why don't they want us to count them?

These are goldfinches and they turn up in flocks of twelve or more.  The two feeders they go for have twelve ports for them to feed from.  At the moment, they seem to have gone off the niger seed and they are demolishing the sunflower hearts.

No birds on this photo, but it does show that the trees think that Spring is on the way.  These catkins are huge and so beautiful.  All my photos are slightly fuzzy, despite using a fantastic camera, but I was shooting through the double glazing, which never helps.

I did do my count this morning at the time that my garden is normally full of birds, not to mention squirrels, but the numbers were well down on the rest of the week, so I am going to try again tomorrow to see if there is any difference.  So, please, if you have stolen my birds today, send them home tomorrow for me to count them.


Dora said...

oooo...this is what I like to see too...birds...that kind of birds I do not see here. beautifully that you can picture this.
yes...we have last week some daisy's in our yard...weird too..right!
have a nice weekend.

Linda Simpson said...

Fabulous photographs of the gorgeous birds. I love sitting in my conservatory in the spring watching the birds, we have had a heron visit us and boy is he very big.

As you know I have been a follower for a while and wish you lots of luck in reaching 100 followers.

Enjoy your weekend.
Linda xxx

Mrs A. said...

I rather like the fuzzy round your photos. I thought you had done something magical in photo bucket! We have a full quota of birds in the garden with no interlopers sorry. Noticed two robins feeding side by side this morning so hoping they are going to pair up. hugs Mrs a.

Princess Judy Palmer said...

That's funny that the birds don't want to be counted. Do you think they have a people counting day? Now there's a thought!

MaryH said...

Lovely lovely critters. We are starting to see what we call goldfinches, but ours don't have the red that I see on your birds. Ours are beginning to shade from the winter brown-gray-green to a brighter bit of gray-green that is beginning to show a more yellow tone. They get brilliant later in the spring. We just have sunflower seeds & a suet block out now, & they're gobbling the sunflower down. Last year they ignored the niger & went for the wild bird mixture & sunflower. Thanks for the lovely pictures.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

what a great lot of photos Maggie really love them, such cuties.. thank you so much, Shaz.xx

Diane said...

Wonderful photographs of the gorgeous birds.

Hugs Diane