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Monday, 1 July 2013

Help - Bumble bee nest in my disintegrating roof

Does anyone know how I can find someone who will remove a bumblebee nest from my roof?  I know they will die off in the autumn but my roof will not wait for that. The area they are nesting in is the most urgent for repair. The tiles are rotten and the felt has disintegrated.   If the roofer cannot get on , I shall end up with huge bills for damage to the rest of the house.

The Bee Keepers Association only wants to deal with honey bees. Some people suggest using a pest control company, but surely the bees are protected, and I don't really want them killed anyway.

Any help gratefully received.  Why can't anything go smoothly?  xx  

PS Having rung the council and been told they will only deal with rats, unless I am in receipt of all benefits known to man and beast, rung Defra who put me on to the National Bee Unit who told me that bumblebees are not protected anyway and I would have to get a private pest control unit to remove them, I now have someone coming this morning to kill the nest.  I hate having to do that, but it seems that I have no alternative.  It seems so wrong that they are not a protected species when we are told how endangered they are.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Maggie, have you phoned your local council - they will have a designated person who deals with things like that. We've had a wasp nest in our garden, in a bird box actually. My husband phoned the Enviromental Department who kindly sent out a man with a smoke machine to sort that out. Not the same as bees, I know, but hopefully they can sedate the bees and move them off to a safer place. And if you ever find out why things never go smoothly do let me know, I've been trying to work that one out for most of my life! Hugs (I think you need some hugging, even cyber hugs) Elizabeth xx

NancyD said...

Not a pleasant task to be sure. I don't usually have a problem with bees in my area it is wasps. Take care Maggie! NancyD

Linda Simpson said...

I hope you have got the bees sorted Maggie. Sending lots of hugs.

Linda xxx

Monique said...

Just saw this post, while hopping by for the WOYWW. Bumble bees are harmless little creatures, nothing at all like wasps. The thing is, if you move their nest, they will not be able to find it anymore. They will keep coming back to the place their nest was. So the babies will die. So it's no point moving the nest.

Please don't feel bad about this, your roof has to be made and I don't think there was another option.

Hope all goes well.