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Thursday, 27 June 2013

It's too early!!!

There really should not be two six o'clocks in one day.  The scaffolders arrived at seven a.m., ready to set up and get going.  I only just got downstairs and fed the dogs and got them back from the garden before the lorry was here.  (Bet I am popular with the neighbours now) Big dog has now decided the only safe place to escape the noise is in the knee hole of my desk, no room for my feet now.  Little monster has gone to ground in her enclosed cage.

On the plus side, I did get the caravan off to the dealers for its post service work yesterday, first time towing for about six years.  Once I worked out how to release the hand brake, it was a doddle.  There was no button on the end of the brake lever and all the handbook said was "Release the handbrake fully" - not helpful.  A phone call to the dealer sorted that for now - brute force and ignorance seems to be the way you have to do it.  On this occasion, I was lucky enough to have a friend with me who could do it, but I do not want to be dependent on others for these silly things.  As I don't have the physical strength, I foresee a lengthy correspondence with Bailey, the caravan makers, to sort that out and find a solution for me and any other woman who still wants to continue caravanning.  I cannot be the only one with this problem ... and I won't be beaten!

Towing is no problem in itself.  It is just watching out for idiots who think cars and caravans can stop in 2 inches.  Going through Studley (a busy village) yesterday at the speed limit of 30mph, I was passed at speed in the narrowest part by a fool doing around 50mph, and he proceeded to do the same to the vehicle in front of me.  I was quite pleased (highly delighted) when he did the same to someone else while passing the speed cameras (which are live), so he will get done.  There is some justice in the world.

OK. Time now to make the tea for the workers.  I even ordered an extra bag of sugar on my last Sainsbury's shop.

PS I am now wearing magnets taped to my heel and they do seem to have calmed down the pain and inflamation from my injury, without any increase in pain medication.  I now have a new method of getting into the motor which involves tying a dog lead round my exercise stepper, putting that by the door, standing on it, then I can reach to sit on the driver's seat, pull the dog lead and haul the step into the motor after me.  May look daft, but it works.


Linda Simpson said...

Bless! your mooch sure know where it is safe! Glad to hear you got the caravan towed. Lovely to see you have solved the problem of getting in the car.

Linda xxx

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ah Maggie your pup is soo cute under there - secure and warm and knows he's loved. And glad things are developing as far as being able to caravan goes... every blessing and big blog hugs dear friend, Shaz in Oz.x