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Probably my favourite craft right now is with parchment, both traditional skills and Groovi, very relaxing and calming to do.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Craft A Scene - Realistic Forest Animals

I had already done this card, so it is my first contribution to getting into crafting again.  Red squirrels are some of my favourite animals of the UK, and I have many happy memories of sitting under trees on both Brownsea Island (where scouting started) and on the Isle of Wight, watching these beautiful animals scampering around up in the trees and on the ground.  They are our native squirrels, which are under threat from the disease carried by the invader grey squirrels, and also from loss of habitat.   They are so much prettier than the greys, too.
I don't have a stamp for red squirrels (not sure if there is one anyway) so I drew this pair playing in the trees, and coloured them with my favourite Derwent watercolour pencils. 
I was not sure I could post this card today, as my craft computer is undergoing surgery and recovery, but, fortunately, I had remembered to back all my craft files on the other computer.  So it was just a case of finding where I had saved it.

Remember that to take part in this Craft A Scene challenge for June, you must show a REALISTIC forest animal in its environment.  I chose to draw mine because I had not suitable stamp, but the medium you choose is your choice.  Come on and join us.


Jacqui's little piece of England said...

This is lovely Maggie I love red squirrels
Glad your back into your crafting
jacqui xxx

Elizabeth said...

Hi Maggie

Lovely drawing of the red squirrels. It pains me to say I have never seen one in real life, just plenty of the grey variety. It's good to see you getting into crafting again. And I believe it is your birthday round about now - tick me off if I'm wrong but have a good day if I'm correct. Elizabeth xx

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

I love your wonderful squirrels Maggie, and you've made a great job of drawing them. I have been to Brownsea Island many years ago and seen the squirrels there, along with the peacocks.

Sue x

Linda Simpson said...

Hello Maggie, this is a beautiful scene you have created. Love squirrels too and have to agree they are much prettier than the grey.

Linda xxx

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ah Maggie you are so right squirrels are so cute .. just love them! saw a red one once but lots of greys too while over there... and well they make a lovely card too well done, may try and do one too - time permitting and inspiration.. ran away from me last month...

Forest animals...
Mm, could be any sort of forest so could mean a forest anywhere, we have rainforests, and very different animals there..
:D love Shaz in oz.x

Di said...

Hi Maggie. I missed this post as I was away at a school reunion - and then recovering for a few days. Love red squirrels too - such pretty creatures - and you sketched them brilliantly!

Hugs, Di xx

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Oh Maggie sorry thought I had commented on this post when was over here a few days back must have been in too much of a hurry well done on your work there and yes they are so cute those squirrels.. and am popping over cos a certain birdee whispered it was someones birthday so here tis, for Tuesday!

♫˜♪¨♫ happy birfday to you
♫˜♪¨♫ happy birfday to you,
♫˜♪¨♫ happy birfday dear Maggie, ♫˜♪¨♫ happy birfday to you!!♫˜♪¨♫

♥♥♥ hip~pip~horaaaaay!♥♥♥

love you Shaz in Oz.x

Darnell J Knauss said...

What wonderful talent you have, Maggie!! Your squirrels are adorable. I love them, too, and am sad to hear that they are under threat in your country.

Have a great week and a sweet birthday, my friend!! Happy WOYWW! xxoo Darnell #61