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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Elizabeth's Comforting Blog Hop - T is for Tuesday

This may not be the most exciting drink to be sharing, but this bottle goes everywhere I go now, full of cool water to ensure I do not get hydrated.  I have decided that I am allowing myself to craft for as long as this bottle of water lasts.  After that, I must do something else for a while, then I can go back with another bottle of water and craft again.  Being a Thermos, it keeps the temperature just as I like it, and it does not leak, so if it falls over, there is no problem.  I am linking this post to Elizabeth's Comforting Blog Hop - T is for Tuesday.
As you know, my crafting has been seriously limited in recent months.  However, panic really set in this week. You may remember that we went to a wedding in Spain a couple of years ago.  The young couple had a beautiful baby daughter in May this year.  It has taken me till now to do them a card, but as they were coming down to stay with his family this last weekend, I thought that I really must finish it.  The trouble was that I knew what I wanted to do, but could not find the pattern, so it ended up as a major panic on Friday and Saturday to get it done.  When I was at college years ago, I could cope with very late nights and very early mornings to meet deadlines, but these days I need my sleep. 
This is a decoupage from the Crafters Companion Flower Fairies, mounted on white pearlescent card.  It was a bit too white so I applied a little chalk around the edges to soften and blend in.  I did the same to the date and her name before glueing them in place.  
I sprayed the whole thing with fixer to stop the chalk smudging, and added a little glitter on her wings.  If you peer very hard, you might just see a sparkle.

This card was not quite such a rush, just needing the insert doing and my label stuck on the back.  The stamps were from Hobby Art and are a mixture of three different sets all mixed in together.  They are good landscape stamps, although they are not as robust as my favourite Clarity stamps, so they need a little more care.
If you peer very hard at the signpost, you might pick out the name on there.  My first attempt gave me an upside down wall with the fence underneath the stone wall.  Don't think that would work very well in real life.

It is all coloured in with my Derwent water colour pencils, and mounted on pearlescent card.

Having had dinner and finished yet another bottle of water, I think it is time for a short power nap, otherwise known as an afternoon nap.  I have visitors tonight so I need some snooze time to last out without being so rude as to yawn all through their visit.


Halle said...

Water may not be exciting but it is so good for you. Lovely cards. Happy Tuesday!

Spyder said...

Your country fields looks brilliant! Cows always sit or stand looking the same way so that's ok! Love the wall. Popping in for T have, a lovely day!

Divers and Sundry said...

water may not be exciting, but if it spills i'm always glad it wasn't something else lol

Silvia said...

I don't like Water apart from when it's fizzy. But I am aware we need to drink a certain amount.
Love your cards

Anonymous said...

I like the craft system you have going there.. plus you are drinking your water, that gets you extra bonus points :-)
Happy T day!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm not a water drinker, either. I compensate by drinking more coffee (grin). I love that the thermos keeps the water cold and doesn't spill. I'm with you on that.

The card you made for that sweet little Silvia is gorgeous. And I had to laugh at the upside down fence. Sounds like something I would do. Of course, I'm not nearly the stamper you are.

Sorry I missed you at WOYWW last week. My computer was turned off most of the week and weekend because of all the rain, lightening, hail, and all around nasty weather. But I'm thrilled to see the roof is FINALLY finished. Great job, dear. I'm sure you're thrilled, too.

And thanks as always for joining this group of "drinkers."

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Your cards are just lovely! Maybe you'll start a whole new fence design fad! I'm always making what I call happy mistakes. Happy T Tuesday!

voodoo vixen said...

Hi Maggie, good idea to keep the water in a thermos, safe and the right temp, bonus! I am not a water drinker (sparkling at a push) and drink tea mostly... even on the hottest days! Love your fairy card... is the fairy a stamp? Could do with a fairy stamp like that for my fairy doors. Annette

Nan G said...

Lovely coloring. And you've got your WOYWW post up already. Yikes I better get going on mine! Hugs

~*~Patty S said...

Great idea about when your water runs out it is time to switch gears...
Water is always my favorite drink of choice.

Lovely cards

Jacqui's little piece of England said...

lovely work Maggie love to see your scenes
jacqui x

Maudieroff Roffey said...

Hi Maggie - water drinkers unite lol - my bottle is just plastic but it does the job - my blogger issues finally sorted themselves out today - have a great week - see you next T for Tuesday...Mxx