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Probably my favourite craft right now is with parchment, both traditional skills and Groovi, very relaxing and calming to do.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Roof's DONE!!!!!!

Saturday morning!  Two scaffold lorries arriving, with two full crews so they could remove everything in double quick time.  It was all done in an hour, leaving the builders to just remove the protective boards from the top of the conservatory and sweep up.  By midday, it was all done and dusted.

It was quite strange when everyone left.  One thing is good though.  I can now go to the loo without having to sing in case someone else needs it, and I can go and soak in the shower at any time, without fear of interruption.

However, I still cannot bring the caravan home as the builders will be back in two weeks to do some more smaller jobs for me, and yet another skip is required.  When those jobs are done, then I shall be after the decorator.  I want all these things done before the winter, so I can open doors and windows to get rid of the smell of paint.  However, as my daughter reminded me, a cut onion placed in the room is a very effective way of removing those sorts of smells.

So far, since Saturday morning, I have completed three cards, which I will show on a later post, as I have not yet downloaded the photos.  The one card was something of a panic as it was needed for Saturday afternoon.  I knew what I wanted to do but could not find the pattern, so I had to settle for something I could lay my hands on.  The delay caused by that meant I did not get to bed till 2am and was up again by 6am.  I cannot function on that level of sleep.  However, it did get done and delivered on time.  This sort of panic working was how I used to function years ago at college, leaving everything to the very last minute and burning the midnight (and much later) oil on a regular basis.  Now, my ageing brain and body cannot cope.


No chance of sleep yet.  My cleaner is due any time now, so I do need to do some clearing up to give her any chance of doing what I need.  Then, I have a delivery from Ocado (food etc) due at about the same time, so I need to clear the fridge and sort it to get the new stuff in.  I also have a surfeit of eggs and milk so I need to make an egg custard to use some up - that is perfect for this weather, especially when it goes cold, silky and easy to swallow.  Lots of nutmeg on top to finish it off properly.  I shall not be doing a pastry base - far too many calories in that.  My one grandmother used to make an egg custard with a pastry base.  She would prick the base properly and bake it blind, but the pastry always came out on top of the custard.


Di said...

Great news Maggie - things are moving along! Early night for you tonight my girl!

Hugs, and think of you often - we miss you in the Playground!


Di said...

Ha, ha Maggie - I forgot to leave a space between Di and xx :)

Enjoy your crafting!

Hugs, Di (space) xx

Di said...

Oh Maggie, you really made me giggle about absolutely having to eat the ice cream :) If I lived nearer I'd have come along and helped out. Anyhow, I think that was an inspired and very clever way to make space for those raspberries in the freezer :) My kind of thinking!

Hugs, Di xx