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Probably my favourite craft right now is with parchment, both traditional skills and Groovi, very relaxing and calming to do.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Ooops - I won't do that again!

I was quite pleased with myself today.  I decided the living room carpet needed a really good going over and a shampoo.  to do that, it needs to be vaccumed at least twice to remove the maximum amount of dog hair to avoid clogging the shampooer totally.

After that, I looked at it and decided that there was still too much dog hair wovern deep into the pile and thought it was tie to investigate why the Dyson was not really doing its job.  The filters have all been changed very recently and I had emptied it, so the only thing left was the front brush roller.  OK, turn it upside down to see how it comes apart and managed to drop quite a bit of dust all over me and the floor.

Did I learn from that experience .... well, not really.  I found the right size of screwdriver to undo the three screws that obviously needed undoing before removing the sole plate.  Next time, I will be doing that job either outside or inside a black sack.  As I removed the plate covering the roller, a dead dog fell out - so much dust, black dog hair and general detritus all stuck together in a thick felt.  Most of it landed on me and the rest on the floor.  However, it did reveal that it was a miracle that the brush would go round at all, it was so tied up with bits of thread, carpet backing and rubbish.  Twenty minutes later, it was all back together and in operation, almost like a new machine.  The carpet changed colour as it was cleared of all the ingrained hair.  I have now ordered a new roller as I reckon the bristles are so worn down over the years.

Anyway, I succeeded in vacuuming the carpet and then shampooing it thoroughly - result!  One more little success for me.  (I vacuumed myself as well and came up quite clean)

Tomorrow morning is sit down to watch Barbara Gray in the Classroom, and Sunday will need a good dose of valium to get through the final of Wimbledon.  Can he really win this year?

PS I did have a good afternoon today when a neighbour invited me round for a cuppa, sitting out in their lovely garden - a really relaxing and welcome break.  It was good to get away from the noise of the work on the roof.


l00pyscraftcreations said...

hehehe Maggie, boy do I know how you feel! lol. Mind you hubby asked me the other day to put my fingers straight out, so I had a flat hand, and see wether my ring finger Ie Left hand, was longer than the fore finger of the same hand, and it was, apparently I have a male brain which is why I pick up screw drivers and take the hoover to bits! if its shorter then according to hubby you have a female brain, and dont do things like screwdrivers! Which explains my brother the dentist, and his totally disastrous attempts at DIY, I could do better with my eyes shut! As for hoovering your self down after, well I quite like the idea of doing housework like Goldie Hawn does in Overboard, hoover everything, lol

RosC said...

Well done Maggie. A woman after my own heart! I love taking things apart to make them work. In fact my Mother used to dine out on the fact that I cracked open my doll's head to see how it opened and closed its eyes... not that it was restorable to working condition. I think I was three or four and never ceased my love affair with tools and the workings of things.
This all sounds very satisfying.

Mrs A. said...

Done that myself. We always turn it upside down to investigate never fails every time!! Glad to hear you got it sorted and a nice clean carpet to boot. hugs Mrs A.

Di said...

Wow Maggie, you're becoming a proper DIY-er. I did grin at this post - especially when a dog fell out of the Dyson! :))

Well done you - remember we're still waiting for you to come and play in the Playground.

Hugs, Di xx

Debbie Rock said...

VERY well done on overhauling the vacuum Maggie! I'd have had to admit defeat and just get a new one!
Enjoy your morning with Barbara and deep breath for the Men's Final ... I am very torn indeed being a Djokovic fan but, of course, also wanting Murray to win. If only there could be a draw! Love Debbie xXx

Linda Simpson said...

Whew at least your carpet is cleaner after all that. Have a lovely day tomorrow and I have my fingers firmly crossed that he does it this time.

Linda xxx