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Friday, 22 March 2013

Friday Smiles

Not sure if this is a smile or a cry from our point of view.  We had a message from our son yesterday arranging to bring the two girls down to see us on Saturday.   Within half an hour of that, we looked out to see that nasty white stuff coming down heavily again.  You may remember that Christmas was delayed this year, partly due to illness and partly to snow.  It seems as though every time we try to arrange a get together, something interferes to stop us.  We have not got as much snow as they have, but there is more heavy snow forecast so we shall just wait and see.

In the meantime, the two girls are having a whale of a time with Daddy with their huge snowman.  Mummy is asleep, being on nights this week. 

If you want to see lots more lovely smile making pictures, then you need to go over to Annie at A Stitch in Time.  Even better, why don't you show us something that makes you smile.


Annie said...

Brrrrrr I've had just about enough of this cold stuff for this year. We woke up to a good covering too this morning but I've not ventured out to make anything as lovely as their snowman. Fab pic. Thanks for sharing it.
Annie x

Angie said...

Brilliant snowman ...wish we had had enough to make a snowman ....or even a snow ball this year !!!!

Di said...

Fab photo Maggie! Hope the white stuff doesn't stay too long! Hugs, Di xx

Gill Edwards said...

Great photo, children and snow make the best shots dont they.
Lets hope their visit is not ruined this time.

Gill x

JoZart said...

Aaah! what a shame, it has happened to us and it's so hard. They are having fun and what a fantastic snowman. Hope you all get your precious time together soon once this Winter finally takes the hint!
Jo x

Caro said...

Gorgeous photo of the two girls with that enormous snowman! Thank you for the cute smile. Caro xx #8

Elizabeth said...

Lovely photo of your granddaughters and their huge snowman. We've had snow today so, to paraphrase what the late Queen Mother said after the Palace was bombed in WWII, I can now look the rest of the country in the face. Elizabeth xx

Hettie said...

Brrrr! Great photo!
I am hoping we escape it again this time round, fed up with it now!

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Oh Maggie feeling for you wanting to see your little ones they are so cute and sorry weather has been so yucky over there we are enjoying just lovely weather (would send it if I could) still very blessed I know just ray it stays that was as Uk family are due later in week for a fortnight so pray it might be ok..love Shaz in oz.x

Di said...

Hi Maggie, just laughing at your comment about bringing a canoe to the Playground - a snow shovel more like! We have more white stuff even down here now. Such a shame about your family - hope you did manage the get together in the end.

Still watching Barbara Grey DVD here - she cracks me up, very dry sense of humour and makes it such fun.

Have a warm and safe weekend!

Hugs, Di xx

Di said...

Brilliant links Maggie - still laughing here! They make a good comedy duo :))