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Friday, 29 March 2013

Friday Smiles - Week 11

Friday is coming round just as fast as Wednesdays and it seems astounding that we are round to our Friday Smiles with Annie (aka wipso) of A Stitch In Time. 

It will be no surprise that my smiles this week came from an unexpected visit from our son and his two little daughters.  (Sadly, our daughter and her family are in the throes of the dreaded lurgy - we try to keep our own germs to ourselves, a habit we developed when we were caring for our two mothers, who would have been so susceptible to any nasty bug.  Hopefully, we shall meet up this week.)

The first thing that Charlotte asks for at our house is a small kangaroo with  a joey in her pouch, that was a present for me from our daughter.  When she was young, I made her a large mother kangaroo (Kanga) with two tiny joeys, all made out of an old red dressing gown, so her present was in memory of that.  In these two first photos, she is cuddled up with Kylie Kangaroo (her name for the mother) and watching The Flumps - the old ones are the best.
Now we have both girls with another old toy, the humming top, operated by Grandad.  I have never found a child who can operate one of these but they do love the sound and the patterns they can see, so Grandad has to work extra hard.
 Charlotte has left Rosie to play with Daddy and Grandad and gone back to Kylie Kangaroo.
I had hoped we might have had a cheery sunny photo for today to make us all smile, but no chance.  It is looking very threatening again.  Having gone out to the farm shops on the way to Evesham this morning to get our fresh veggies, duck eggs and bread flour, I reckon the blossom will be weeks late this year.  They are still struggling to get the fresh veggies from the ground.  Oh well, I will cheer myself up again by doing more crafting, while listening to the Ian Campbell Folk Group.  They bring back lots of memories.  They did an impromptu session at the school where I was teaching, partly because the daughter of Lorna Campbell was actually in my class that year - great fun.  I count myself lucky to have seen a couple of the best folk groups in their early years - the Spinners, and the Campbells, and bring back all the memories with the cd's and the converted tapes we collected at the time.

If you like the idea of seeing more smiley blogs, or have something to share that makes you smile, then nip across to Annie's place and see what is on show there.


Annie said...

What gorgeous family pics this week Maggie. I do have to say that the comment you left on my blog made me chuckle too......esp your miss type error!! hehe
A x

Twiglet said...

Annie has a spinning top that the tinies can work by banging it like mad and P the oldest can even sit on it to spin it round!! Have fun. x Jo

Carol said...

Now that humming top brought back some childhood memories and a wistful smile.
Sweet photos, hope your daughter and family are soon well again.
Hope we get some warm Spring weather very soon - now that would make us all smile.
Have a lovely Easter and thank you for sharing your Friday smiles.
Carol xx

JoZart said...

Aaawwwh! you are in the same situation as me with poor wee sicky grandees. I'm fed up washing but thank goodness for the machine and the germicidal powder to go in the wash.
I too love Ian Campbell folk Group and used to see them on the circuit at the folk clubs in the 60s. I was member 83 of the Spinners Folk Club! I'm still a folky!
Hope all's well with them all soon,
Jo x

Caro said...

Gorgeous family photos...especially with the story about the Kangaroo. We had some brief sunshine today, but it is very dark and looming now. Thanks for the smile. Happy Easter! Caro x (#7)

Gill Edwards said...

Maggie, i was a huge fan of the Spinners. I got to see them perform 3 times including once at the Royal Albert Hall back in 1988.

Gill x

Angie said...

Kids do love those spinning tops ...didn't know they still were around nowadays.They look so happy with their Grandad. xx

JoZart said...

Hi Maggie, I agree that we must have known each other in a previous life and maybe our paths crossed in this life. In fact , they must have some where along the road. Sad to hear Ian C died. Cliff was on local radio not too long before he died when he was visiting England from Oz and it was really interesting. Cliff from the Spinners still runs a folk club in Liverpool with his wife Chris and we hope to start going once we have time. We have been travelling so much lately and still have trips booked up to June.
Jo x