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Friday, 8 March 2013

Friday Smiles

 It is Friday, the end of yet another week, and the day for calling in at Annie's blog at A Stitch in Time for another dose of smiles.

After finally having Christmas Part 2 last week, we had an extra get together this week, with all four grandchildren in one place for the morning.  It was a very noisy morning, I had forgotten how badly calibrated the volume control is on four children together. 

Sylvanian Families were the main hit of the day with everyone joining in the play, no matter what age or sex.  It just shows that we should never try to stop boys playing with "girly" things nor girls playing with "boy" things.  There is no reason why they cannot get great fun all together.  They will even forgo the pleasures of the X Box for a while without complaint.

 The two oldest girls really got down to some great imaginitve story telling to each other and to us.  This is all very reminiscent of when their parents were small and use to make up little plays which we all had to watch and try not to giggle at.
 The only living thing in the house that was not happy was poor little Splodge, who struggled to find a way round the room without being stepped on or pestered in some way. 

Even Mum got involved in the games.

Rosie was getting a bit tired by now, and needed a good cuddle from Daddy before heading home to Derby.

A really great morning, with lots of smiles all round.  Sadly, we do not get enough of this, and it will get more difficult as they all grow up and develop their hobbies further.

I hope you all had plenty of things to smile about this week.  If you have photos, then why not share them with us and give us another smile.  All you have to do is to nip across to Annie's at A Stitch in Time and link up.


Angie said...

Everyone is having so much fun ...poor Splodge ...all ours run for cover when all the 5 GS's are in the house.

Annie said...

I really love our family get together times so can well imagine the fun you all had. Thanks for sharing your smiles with us.
A x

tilly said...

super pics of family time together, no-one seems to have the time these days to meet up as we used to do many moons ago lol

Caro said...

What wonderful photos of family fun...our family get togethers are very loud and boyish (only boys in my family). I have to apologise...my Mother's card has the wrong wording on it...I don't have a Mothering Sunday stamp unfortunately! Thanks so much for sharing. Caro (#8)

Neet said...

Lots of lovely smiles here Maggie. Don't children bring out the best in us all. How can one look at a happy child and not smile?
Thanks so much.
Hugs, Neet xx

fairy thoughts said...

ah some lovely smiles there and I remember playing with sylvanians when mine were little.
I was interested in your comments about mothering sunday (i have read your previous post) My dad always called it mothering sunday and made sure we did, i always give my mums flowers too, not a present ... it has to be flowers. I must remember to make sure my girls keep up the tradition, is it sad to see the old traditions change

Di said...

Fabulous family photos Maggie! Our little ones live in Germany and we don't see them nearly enough :(

Have a good weekend!

Hugs, Di xx

Gill Edwards said...

great to see such fun between age groups. I love Splodge she is just like my Meg.

Gill x