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Saturday 14 April 2012

Pixie's Snippets Challenge 15

 Not a lot to show for the snippets this week, sorry, Pixie.   I suddenly realised that I needed to complete six cards for my friends for next weekend.  Four of us meet up once a year, rotating round the houses, and next weekend is the date for this year.  We were at high school together, and were always very close, although we did not meet up much after school and university were over.  Since we have created our official yearly reunion, we have been lucky enough to have fabulous weather for it, so fingers are firmly crossed for next weekend.

As the Post Office has seen fit to hike the cost of stamps to such a tremendous amount, I decided that I would take all their birthday and anniversary cards with me for them to open on the relevant days throughout the year.  At least I can be sure they will arrive and not be battered in the post.

However, I did manage to put together a couple of cards for the playground from bits that had been started last year.  Both images were printed out last year, so I am not 100% certain where they came from.  I think that the cornflower is a Clarity stamp, but the poppy is definitely a digital image.  I am seriously into poppies at the moment, they are simple flowers and show the shading well. 

I hope I am going to make it into the playground this week as I am running late again.  If I get there, I will meet you over by the hopscotch place.  Have fun, all of you, and thank you, Di, for being such a patient and kind head teacher. 


Mrs A. said...

Loving your poppy card. Sucvh a good idea to hand deliver your cards. Stamps are the new petrol shortage!!! You only have to mention there is going to be an increase or a shortsage and the whole of the world goes into stampede mode. Hugs Mrs A.

Hettie said...

Those poppies are stunning Maggie and so is the cornflower. I don't blame you for doing your cards in time to give to your friends. Postage is putting people off buying and sending cards these days!

Di said...

Two of my favourite flowers Maggie and beautifully coloured. Absolutely right to keep them as the focus on the card too.

I think the rain washed the hopscotch numbers away - anyone got a bit piece of chalk? :)


Bernie said...

Oh My these are stunning and elegant! I love corn flowers one of the few true blue flowers in nature and love the simple beauty of a poppy as well.

Sarn said...

Very pretty floral cards. xxx

Emma Williams said...

Another two beautiful cards and yes, the first image is definitely a Clarity stamp...I know it well! ;)

Your reunion sounds wonderful and I'm sure you'll have the most fabulous time catching up...I hope it goes well and the weather is beautiful.
Hope you had a lovely weekend.
Love Emma xxx

Linda Simpson said...

These are beautiful Maggie. I hope you and your friend have a fabulous weekend and that the weather is kind to you both.

I do not blame you taking their cards with you it is just awful how the prices for postage is going up so much.

Linda xxxx

Karen said...

Gorgeous cards Maggie, I especially love those red Poppies, they are stunning :)

Hugs, Karen xxx