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Probably my favourite craft right now is with parchment, both traditional skills and Groovi, very relaxing and calming to do.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

WOYWW 149 Follow on - Narrow Boats interpretation

Working Narrow Boat "Aquarius"
When you go to caravan rallies, you can have a follow on rally afterwards.  We had our usual WOYWW yesterday, so this is my follow on explanation.  A number of people gave me credit for having drawn the boat myself.  I wish!!!  I am not that talented.  So I thought I should make things clear.  I am not clever but I do enjoy manipulating images to get what I want.  That is my excuse for this post.and I am sticking to it.

For those of you who saw my canal boat card yesterday on WOYWW, I thought you might like to see the original photo from which I took my traced image to add to my Clarity stamps.

Traced and inked image of "Aquarius"
The first thing I have to tell you is that it is a narrow boat, not a barge.  If we ever slipped up and called it a barge, we got thoroughly told off.  The majority of the canal network will only take the narrow boats, and not the bigger Dutch Barge types, and some locks will only take the shorter narrow boats.

The hardest part, once the tracing was done, was to stick to what I could actually see on the photo and not to add in the things I could not see, but know are there.  For example, I know there is some beautiful sign writing on the side of the tiny living quarters, which is just not visible due to the angle of the photo.  The size of the card also limited the amount of detail that could be fitted in.
Traced and inked image of bridge before I reversed it
The same criteria really applied to the bridge too.  The picture I took that from was actually reversed so that the tow path was on the opposite side.  This did not fit in with using the stamp of the horse, and it was easier to reverse the bridge than to reverse the horse.  I could have been very nit picky and drawn all the bricks on the bridge, but I think that would have been too much detail for the size of the image, hence the artistic licence again and the roughly drawn huge blocks.   All bridges are numbered, as far as my limited knowledge tells me, so I chose the number of this bridge knowing that they would have travelled beneath it at some time.

Final Result (unless I decide to titivate it a bit more)
The colouring part of this card did show up the fact that I need more and varied greens, both in ink pads and Promarkers to get the real depth I wanted.  Failing that, a lot more practice in blending what I have to get the desired results.

Ingredients used:
White paper
White Centura pearl card
Copper Krylon pen
Tracing paper
Clarity Stamps - Horse, herons, bullrushes small and large (Canal barge Kit),  Geese (Small village set)
Adirondack ink pads: lettuce, cloudy blue, juniper, pitch black
Cut and Dry brush nibs
Promarkers: various
Pencil for tiny detail, like the fence on the hill and the obelisk
Make up sponges


ger76 said...

Great card I love your interpretation,

Happy crafting
woyww #124
Ger x

Jacqui's little piece of England said...

Love this card you are cleverer :) than you think. Well done

jacqui x

Linda said...

Thank you for the explanation and your drawings. You really are very clever to do this and should give yourself credit for an amazing piece of art.

Linda xxxx

ps thank you for your lovely comments. I will endeavour to get to WOYWW soon, :)

Lyn said...

You are clever Maggie, this card is lovely, it just brings to life the slow calmness of being on a narrow boat. Take care, Lyn x

Anonymous said...

Hello Maggie.Love that Narrow Boat!Oh you are so right about spreading around. i have a tolerant husband!!I was a Junior Primary teacher for 30 years, so collecting resources is natural(compulsive,obsessive, my comfort...).I am in the process of shedding some past crafts and gatherings. It does feel quite liberating.I try to be super tidy in the kitchen area, and only use that space for cutting and embossing etc.I am going to move the boxes to the garage, and next year, am going to get more built-ins so the garage can look neat too.Judy #22Thanks for the No Word Verification sign.

Rachel Brown said...

Hi Maggie, thanks very much for commenting on my blog and informing me I had comment moderation still turned on. I had turned it off so somehow it must have reactivated for some reason.

Loving your post abou the cannal boats. Your blog is very interesting.

Happy Crafting

Rachel xxx

RosC said...

Maggie, you are most certainly clever with images. Nothing like this can be achieved without the conceiving skills. I'm very impressed, fascinated.
Thanks for sharing the process.