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Sunday, 18 January 2015

First tryout of the Brushos

I was determined to have a go immediately, having found my little box of the Brushos.  Being awkward, I did not watch any of the varying videos out there.  All I had was the beautiful art work I have seen from many of my Facebook friends, who are so inspiring.  So I just grabbed the little pots and poked holes in the lids, and with a water spritzer, dived in.

 This was the result of an evening of inky fun, and I sure was very inky.  Baby wipes are just not big enough, but you can see three there which will get used for a background for something at some stage - I do have ideas.

Two of the larger pieces (all Gelli card) speak to me of some kind of landscape, but they are for another day, when my ideas are sorted.  However, the two small ones were easier to work with today.

This first one looked to me like bright flowers through a very rainy window, which is why I chose to stamp these fantastic raindrops over the top.  I have yet to find suitable mounting card so that is for another day.
 This second small piece definitely looked like a landscape and I had actually intended something like this, so I was really happy to find some tiny measure of control.  The basic view was there, but I just enhanced parts with Derwent Coloursoft pencils, blue in the sky and green to bring out shadows of the trees and anchor them in some way.

The tiny trees just happened to be in front of me on my table so they were the obvious ones to use.  They are part of the remountable Tuscan set from Clarity.  I added the birds as I felt it needed something in that central sunny area.

I was told I would enjoy playing with these and I certainly did, and I will be going back to them and trying to learn a little more control and find out just what I can do other than just random backgrounds.

Hope you like them  They are fun.


Mrs P said...

Lovely - the Brushos sure do give a variety of splashes of colour. I'm always a little heavy-handed with mine and get really dark colours, but as you water them down and place other pieces of card on top of the wet paint, you get some fab more muted backing papers.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Maggie, I love these Brusho pieces and can see you've been having fun. I like the raindrops - they work perfectly on that background and the country scene is very clever. I can see you're on a roll and there's going to be plenty more to follow :) Elizabeth xx

Theresa Pace said...

that sure looks like you had a lot of fun. that green one at the bottom screams under the sea to me. enjoy playing. love what you have done so far xx

Emma Burns said...

Like em. Love them. Well done Margaret. I don't have any brushos...no more room, so it is interesting to see what you have created. Hugs xxx