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Probably my favourite craft right now is with parchment, both traditional skills and Groovi, very relaxing and calming to do.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

WOYWW - 143

These photos  are really just a continuation from last week, for the simple reason that nothing new has happened to my desk, and the cards I have not shown you so far are to be hidden for another couple of days, until they have been delivered and opened.

The clipboard on the left contains my birthday and anniversary lists for about 6 years, also showing, in red,  how many years they celebrate. Underneath that list are all my labels that I stick on cards, and all the address labels I need for the year (apart from Christmas).  Printing the labels once a year is far easier than hunting for addresses every time I want one.  I do a separate list for Christmas, which also gives me a quick check to see if I miss anyone.  If the label is there, then I have not sent a card

While I was sorting things our last week, I came across several things I had lost or forgotten about, including several lots of pencil items.  I had forgotten I even had the set of Burnishers and Blenders for the Derwent Watercolours - very useful bit of kit those.  Above those are a set of Lakeland pencil crayons - not watercolours, but just basic standard crayons like I had and loved as a child, with all my very favourite colours in.  I had to have those just for reminiscing, the sky blue was always my favourite.  Across on the right are my very useful Dufex pens - not sure if they are still made, so I may have to check those out.  They are brilliant for colouring peel offs to suit whatever I need and also gems colour in well with them.  

You may also notice my tiny spring type scissors, and the packet next to it is for my crafting tweezers.  If the packet is there, then the tweezers are on my desk and need to be put away at the end of the day, before the Borrowers pinch them.  

There has been a serious lack of crafting today, for family reasons.  Our son, daughter in law and the two girls came down from Derby for the day to wish my DH a happy birthday for tomorrow, Leap Year Day.  So we have had a great time singing nursery rhymes and singing songs and playing with old and new toys.  My snoring Bagpuss and Janiemouse (one of the mice on the mouse organ who sings) were a real hit and so was the little yellow kangaroo with the joey in her pouch.  Something totally new that you cannot take home is always a hit.

As there are not cards to show you, I thought you might like to see one of the cross stitches I did for a wedding sampler a few years ago.   This started off as an A4 size picture with the usual basic sampler things on until my DH suggested that it would be nice to put in things that were special to them only.  So then there was a working narrow boat (belonged to the bride's parents), their own yellow Land Rover, a Springer pup (theirs), a mountain bike for him, a dragonfly (she worked on the Dragonfly project for British Waterways), the obelisk at Eastnor Castle (where they got engaged), and the church at which they were getting married.  The centre was going to be just the usual doves, rings etc, until someone told me that the bride had expressed a wish that someone would give them a cross stitch of Eastnor Castle (anyone with Land rovers will know that Eastnor is the spiritual home of the marque).  so. with four weeks to go, I set about adding the centre oval with the castle in.  It was all done by converting photos, and working on fine linen with one thread going over one stitch at a time, I wish I had had my Ottlite then.  As you can see, it was not A4 when it was finished, but they seemed to like it.

Now I am sure that Julia is waiting for you to sign in and move on to the next blog in her group.  I had quite a good mooch last week, although I was miles away from getting all round.  Apologies to those I missed and thanks to all who came to see me.  You are all very welcome at any time.  I do have one personal little niggle though about the dreaded Word Verification problem.  It does slow us all down seriously, meaning we get round to even fewer than we would like.  I did persist through them although a lot are really hard to read, but I know that many people give up as soon as the Word Verification pops up.  I found it was easier just to check all messages before publication, rather than use the Word Verification.  If you want to see what I mean have a look at the http://allsortschallenge.blogspot.com/ , who are asking everyone to turn it off as they will no longer work through it and they are not the only ones.   What you decide is definitely up to you and should be whatever makes you feel most comfortable.  In the meantime off you go to Julia's and I hope to see you all later.

Happy Leap Year Day.


Hazel said...

Happy birthday to your DH. Glad you had a good family time. It looks as if you're very thorough with your lists. It's surprising what we find when we have a tidy up and re-organise craft stuff - enjoy the pencils (Hazel, WOYWW# 5) x

jude said...

Happy leap year and hope he has fab birthday even though only comes round every 5 years.Loving your cross stitch.
Have creative wednesday
hugs judex10

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Be sure to wish hubby a very happy birthday. For once I am early with a wish this week. I like the idea of printing once a year, except for Christmas. It makes so much sense, too. Happy WOYWW from #3.

Spyder said...

Hi Maggie, I've had a moan about the word thingy too, suddenly it has TWO words to work out, and it's gone all fuzzy! and!! some still also have the 'wait' thing on s well, so they've still got to go and post the comments themselves. Happy leap year birthday! Now, does that mean DH will really be a lot younger that he looks!?! HaPpY WoYwW Have a crafty week.
((Lyn) #20

sandysewin said...

Wow, that cross stitch piece is impressive! I'm sure they will absolutely love it.

Happy Woyww,

Sandy #33

sandra de said...

Amazing wedding sampler your created and I think you did a wonderful job incorporating all the elements.

Danielle said...

Happy WOYWW! I agree with the word verification thing. I didn't even know that it did that until last week when I heard it from Julia. I had to figure out how to turn it off and I hope others would too. It is hard on the eyes for people like me who get migraines. dani43

peggy aplSEEDS said...

wow, that list and the printed addresses is such a good idea! you are so organized.

i know what you mean about word verification. the "words" are getting harder and harder to copy!!!

happy WOYWW, and thanks for sharing!
peggy aplSEEDS

scrappymo! said...

That cross stich picture is fabulous! I am in awe of your skills. I love the history behind all of the scenes you have done.

Helen said...

You can be forgiven no crafting with family visiting for a Leap Year birthday bash! Happy WOYWW, Helen 32.

Neil said...

Hi there, thanks for letting us peek this week and I hope the rest of the week gives you some creative time too.
Neil #61

CraftygasheadZo said...

That sampler is gorgeous. Love finding things that were forgotten. Happy Wednesday to you, enjoy this week's snoop of oh so creative places & take care. Zo xx 83

BetteK said...

Goodness me you made it to WOYWWland early today! I thought I was ahead of the game and am STILL 89 on the list AGAIN!
Your workdesk is, oh, so organised ... I thought "bloomin' 'eck" when I read your bit about "if the tweezers are not in the packet then they are on my desk" ... I am kinda, sorta, mostly organised but you leave me standing Maggie!
LoVe the cross-stitch ... am pretty sure I know who the lucky recipients were but not quite! Happy WOYWWing! Love Debbie #89 xXx

Gourdess said...

The cross stitch is lovely! I like the idea of running labels once a year. I may have to add that to my "organizing" tools. Warmly, Tracy #93

Caro said...

I love your organised pinboard and clipboard...I need to be that organised! The cross stitch is beautiful. TFS Caro #84

Emma said...

Thanks for sharing your photos and as always, it looks very organised, which I'm very envious of! lol.

I adore your cross stitch sampler, it's stunning and I always admire people who have the patience to create these pieces of artwork.
Hope you are well.
Love Emma xxx

Lou said...

Gosh you are very organised, a great idea for the doing the labels in advance and birthday and anniversary lists is a great idea. The cross stitch is brilliant and sooo personal i bet they loved it. Hope you have a good day Lou x

Peggy said...

interesting way to hang your pencils thanks for sharing!

Anne-marie said...

Thank you for showing your photos love the cross stitch
Anne-marie no 18

DottyA Cards & Things said...

Happy Leap Day!!!
Love that Sampler you did with all the special things you added for the couple... it's Beautiful!!
I enjoyed my visit, thanks for sharing!!!

Linda said...

Gosh Maggie, love the cross stitch! I haven't done any for years now. Thank you for sharing your leap year day today.

Linda xxx

May said...

The cross stitch sampler is Fabulous!! Happy birthday to your DH!! Have a fun week Hugs May x x x

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I gotta say the ones that really get me have word verification AND comment moderation. That's crazy, ditch the WV. I can hardly read that stuff. That's a great cross stitch sampler, making it personalized was a great touch. As far as the labels and lists go.... I prefer the fly by the seat of my pants method. Well, anyway, that's as together as I can get it.

Angie said...

Such a sensable idea to print off ALL the address labels. I LOVE the sampler ...an antique of the future.xx

Jeremy and Samantha said...

Happy birthday to dh! your cross stitch is just beautiful! Happy Woyww!

karen said...

That cross stitch is fabulous! And I am sure they appreciated all the images that were meaningful to them! How very thoughtful!
And how fun to find old art supplies that you forgot you had! It's like going shopping in your own craft room!
xoxo Karen #163

Karen said...

Happy Birthday to your DH, I hope he had a lovely day. I love your cross stich sampler Maggie, its gorgeous.

Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen xx

kay said...

thanks for sharing,fab cross stitch,x

SueH said...

What a beautiful piece of cross stitch Maggie. You could never buy anything as personal as that in the shops so I bet the couple you made it for cherish it.

Happy Crafting!
Sue H #95

karen said...

Hi Maggie,
thanks for visiting me earlier! I thought about what you said about throwing out the ATC's, so I have dug them out of the recycling bin and will put them on my desk to see if I figure out what I would could do to make me like them :) If nothing else, I could paste them in my art journal and do something there!
Thanks for the encouragement, it is appreciated!
xoxo Karen

Sarah said...

Wonderful - I love samplers and would love to do another one - one day...! Thanks for sharing your space Sarah at 1 - having a peek on Friday!

pat said...

Your wedding sampler is beautiful; you should be proud.
My lavender page was done when I decided to "do my own thing", instead of what I thought I "should" do. Sometimes that is the best thing to do.

Morti said...

Happy Leap Birthday to you DH, and thanks for sharing your lovely sampler with us - it's nice to see non-paper crafts every so often, isn't it?

Morti #58

BetteK said...

Now, you see, this is what I find confusing about blogging ... where to post a reply to your message on my blog because it is a sort of random chatty message rather than being about anything in particular ... mmmm, perhaps I should Email or FB you instead!
Anyway, am rambling ... I picked this thread to post my message because the penny finally dropped about the recipients of the cross-stitch ... right family, of course, but wrong generation ... am easily confused so do forgive! Just couldn't figure out how you would have come to sew such a sample for R & G!!! Silly Debbie.
This also seemed to be the right place to reply about us all liking different things and one thing WOYWW has shown me is how we all pretty much have the same equipment and products on our desks yet all favour and produce such a wide variety of work. Isn't that amazing? Even when at a workshop (what a grotty experience that was!!!) with everyone making exactly the same product using exactly the same materials they all turned out slightly different. The joys of crafting, eh? Love D xXx

BetteK said...

Hi Maggie ... now yet again I find myself not really knowing where to post an answer to your lovely message on my blog so thought I'd best stick it on the end of my one above!
Shout up if I really ought to be putting them elsewhere ... just not FB!
Thanks for suggesting the challenges to me ... I just don't feel I'm ready for anything like that - far too much pressure! I have made loads of cards from stuff I'd no longer use for charity but was put off last year when I took some into one of the local charity shops and the woman behind the counter said "oh, not more cards"! It was a little off-putting and I know I just need to find one that would maybe benefit more from them. I do keep a box of "charity card stuff" but you can only have so many boxes of "off-cuts" and they go to my friends school for the kids to use for "sticking" ... who knows, they might just grow up to be crafters!!!!! Love D xXx