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Friday, 10 February 2012

Di's Playground - Snippets Challenge

 These three cards are for the Snippets Challenge in Di's Playground this week.  This one came from a photo I found lying around, and I converted it into decoupage by working out all the different scenic layers.  It is one of the many sets of decoupage I cut out ages ago, which ended up in the to do box (I have dozens more of these things).   I think the photo was taken in the Peak District - we went up there for the week before our son's wedding up there.  I quite fancy going back and having a look at some of the things we missed.

This second decoupage was a photo taken (with permission) from the brochure of the nursing home my mother was in before she died.   I apologise for the quality of the image, done in a bit of a rush on the phone.  This one had been originally cut with the Silhouette - did you know that you can put your decoupage into the Silhouette and adapt it to print (on your printer) and then cut automatically.  This one does need a little adjustment to tidy it up.  Originally, I had done quite a few of these and took them down to the hoe to sell for funds to buy extras for the residents.  This was in a batch I found when I was tidying up, hidden in the to do box.  The border, in particular was a nightmare to get right., but they all sold very quickly.  When I have done the last few, I shall take them down and leave them there for them to sell again.  I do find I keep looking at  scenery photos to see how they can be adapted for decoupage, as well as altered in other ways.

I was so impressed with Elizabeth's flowers, I had a go at these.  Heart flowers are so good for using up snippets of paper and card, and a few gems to finish off.  I did not use quite the same method as Elizabeth - there is no backing circle to glue them to, but they seem to be holding up all right.  The papers are some I have had in a file for ages, and were downloaded free from somewhere, but I cannot remember the site at the moment.  There were hundreds of beautiful papers there - another lot of stuff to go through to use.  Oh yes, the ribbon was from a band round a set of pearlescent cards - it does not show up too well in this photo, but it is there, honestly.

The more I sort through my room, the more snippets and things I find, all ready to be used up.  I keep finding bits of ribbon, and scraps of pretty paper and card I could not throw away.  All these papers are on the computer anyway, so it is time I used up the ones already printed - saves space. 

I am looking forward to wandering around everyone's snippets to pick up new ideas to just to gasp in admiration at what you have achieved.  Can we play hopscotch this week, please, Di?  anyone want to join me?


Bernie said...

Fab cards! Love those Elizabeth flowers. I've made a few but having used them yet.
Hugs & Blessings

Di said...

Hi Maggie! Great to see you in the playground this week - I was wondering where you were hiding! I totally love your flowers, and I can see the ribbon on that lovely card - can you see my nose pressed against the other side of your PC/laptop screen? :)

The decoupaged photos are so clever too - and such a lovely idea to use the ones of the home to raise funds.

Yup, hopscotch could well be on the 'cards' - if only so that we hop up and down to keep warm! As a kid I remember my Mum playing a game with me if we were waiting for a bus in the freezing cold - she used to chant 'Jump, jump, sugar lump' time after time and yours truly used to hop up and down in time to her chanting. It's only in recent years I've realised that it was her way of keeping me warm, occupied and probably to stop me whining :)) 'Night! Di xx

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Fabulous post here Maggie. You've been busy! See you for our Roll Call tomorrow! xx

Karen said...

Three gorgeous cards Maggie, they are all really lovely, Luv Karen xx

Jackie said...

Your cards are lovely Maggie

MagsB said...

What wonderful decoupage cards - I'm not surprised the ones of the Home sold out, it's such a lovely thing for you to do. Love the heart flowers, too, so pretty!

love Mags B x