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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Yes, they are Christmas cards!

This is one I did for the 52 Week throw down Challenge January sketch.  I am a bit late, but at least I did it in the end.  It is a very small card A6.  The two stripes are super sticky tape, with Martha Stewart fine glitter rubbed into them.  Then the bits in the middle are from magazine give aways, which I have had for years.  The whole thing is finished with a peel off sentiment.

 These two cards are inspired by a shop bought card we had this year.  It is so easy.  Again they are only A6.  The tree is drawn by hand using a Quickie glue pen.  You need to leave the glue to dry till it is just tacky before sprinkling the glitter over the top.  Gently pat it down, then you can rub gently to ensure it beds into the glue properly, then use a soft brush to remove excess glitter.  I used gold gems to add a bit more bling, and then finished off with the peel off sentiment. By the way, the sentiment on the card on the right is at an angle to cover up my dreadful attempt to write my own sentiment - lots more practice needed with that idea, methinks.  I would not win any prizes for my writing.  Does anyone out there remember the competition for good handwriting that used to be held by The Children's Newspaper?

All these three cards were made using bits and pieces of stash I already had, a lot of which came from my bits box.  So I shall also add these to the Use It Up in 2012 challenge.  I did have a minor struggle to finish them as we had a power cut, and I did miss being able to listen to my music at the same time.  However, it shows I can craft without my computer, and I can use bits and pieces that were destined for the recycling bin. 

Now I feel smug again, till I look at my desk.  Not my fault, I could not see what I was doing - power cut, if you remember.  That is my excuse and I am sticking to it.  I wonder what my excuse will be tomorrow.............


L00py's Craft Creations said...

Its lovely hun, I like both of them, as they are simple and stylish, and I could compete with a doctor for illegible handwriting, thank goodness for computers!!

Karen said...

Gorgeous cards Maggie, I especially love the Christmas Wreath :)

Linda said...

Beautiful Christmas cards Maggie. I intend to make Christmas cards throughout the year so I won't be stressed out like last year.

Linda xxxx