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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

WOYWW - 138

Good morning to you all, especially my new followers.  You are very welcome and I hope you enjoy what you read and see here..  The weather is improving today so I am feeling more cheerful.  Doesn't the weather affect the way you feel?  It certainly does for me.

Anyway, although I am rather late this morning, at least the photos were taken this morning with mostly natural light.  The card you can see is one I have done for the Craft a Scene Challenge, and will appear properly in my next post.  To the right of that, underneath the bits left from the make, is a set of Pilkington Winter Scenes.  Those are ready for my next make, which is a Winter wonderland make.  I am still debating exactly how that one will go, but the ideas are there in my head.  I may have a go at that after I have been to have my hair cut this afternoon (can't wait for that - it has got so long and I just keep forgetting to ring up for an appointment). 

I have so many ideas running round in my head at the moment, but just not enough time to carry them out.  Life is definitely getting in the way of crafting.  I have done nothing for about four days - horror!!    It has been a busy week, including having the windscreen replaced on the Freelander, not a good thing to have. 

My other project this week is to get the voice recognition software built into Windows to work properly.  We both have Kindles, which are wonderful, especially when we go away on holiday - we can take hundreds of books with us without taking up too much space or weight.  We are gradually replacing worn and tatty books with the Kindle version.  However some of the authors we particularly like are not produced in the Kindle version.  So we decided that we would do the job ourselves.  At the moment, I could type four times faster than reading to to the computer and having to correct what it writes.  Hopefully, though, the wretched machine will learn and speed up, and we can get some of our favourites onto the Kindle as pdf files.

Anyway, I am off now to do some crafting, and to post the details of my card as well.  While I am busy,  why don't you slip away and visit a few more people, whose blogs are linked to the lovely Julia's blog.  We would all love to hear from you, and have the chance to visit you in return.


BetteK said...

Totally agree about the weather affecting your mood but I am absolutely the opposite way around to most people ... I am already dreading the onset of spring and hate the light nights and ... well, I am very much a dark-depths-of-winter person!
I'm afraid I am a book person ... need to smell the ink and feel the paper between my fingers so no Kindle for me! We save a whole cupboard in the caravan for books and I usually ... ok, always ... sneak in at least two of my huge, heavy, hardbacked Titanic books to browse through (I usually manage to hide them amongst the packing until we get there and then it is too late for Phil to do anything about it) ... could be the reason why we only get 10 mpg from the Land Rover! Happy crafting ... must get some done myself today! Love Debbie xXx

inkypinkycraft said...

Happy woyww and happy crafting hugs trace x no16

Di said...

Hi Maggie, even without crafting you're having a busy time there! Good luck with the software - great idea. Happy WOYWW. Di xx

Elizabeth said...

Hi Maggie, the scenes in your next post are very good and it was interesting to read of what you did to overcome the problems you encountered. I should do something about my hair too, but like you I keep forgetting to make an appointment. I have some voice recognition software around somewhere but it all seemed so time consuming to set up. Look forward to seeing what you do with your new stamps. Have a good week. Elizabeth x #47

Brenda B said...

It's nice to have the natural light isn't it? I have such trouble getting up in the morning when it's dark as I naturally just don't wake up! I really like both scene cards in the next post, love the colours on the Provence one too.

Brenda 99

Deb said...

your card is just gorgeous Maggie! That is quite a task you set yourself to add your books to your kindle! good luck with the voice recognition software!
Happy WOYWW! Debxx #108

jude said...

Love the cards youve posted above .Have fab wedensday ,and a creative week
hugs judex 17

Karen said...

Lovely creative desk and I love your scenery cards, they are gorgeous :)

Have a great WOYWW, Luv Karen #80

Enfys said...

Fabulous new cards Maggie, I love the Provencal one, very creative! Have a happy WOYWW and a busy creative week

Stephanie said...

I'm so totally the same way--I always have in mind a million projects that I'd like to do and there's never enough time to even do half a million. ;)

Jennifer McLean said...

Really lovely cards, I thought they were hand drawn at first. So well rendered. My desk looks much like yours! Lots of projects on the go.
Jenn from www.justaddwatersilly.com, hopping from WOYWW
(Happy Newest Follower)

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I jumped ahead to see your stamped scenery cards--looking good!

Anne said...

Hello there I do like a day where the sun is shining even if it's cold. Some of the wet grey days last week dragged me down. Love the cards you have made. I've not had a lot of crafting time since Sunday. Hope to squeeeze a bit in tomorrow and Friday. Anne x

Sam said...

Haa Haa! You are soooo funny Maggie! I still have not managed to sort voice recognition out in my car for the Blackberry and I have had it for at least six months! Unless you try and use the phone sitting down in a car park without any noise you have no chance of getting it to work.
I have the Sony reader and Hubby has the Kindle in the hope we can get the best of both worlds! I want to get rid of some books so I can have more room for my stash!! I can dream!
Lovely cards above Maggie. Why don't you join us in Rudolph Day?

sandra de said...

Lovely countryside cards. Good luck with the software for the computer/ kindle. I am so converted to reading on the kindle that I cannot believe how heavy books are in comparison. Whenever I talk about the kindle book lovers look at me as if I have gone over to the DARK side!!!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Pretty cards from the blogs before and after this post - the red rosette one looks really Oriental! Good luck with the voice recognition, I never have any luck with that when I ring up for cinema tickets..perhaps it's my Welsh lilt!!
Hugs, LLJ #45 xx

SueH said...

Those winter scenes are fab Maggie and the finished card in your next post looks great.
I’ve never really used scenery stamps before but I think they make wonderful cards for the men folk so may have to invest in a few.

Happy Crafting!

Angie said...

I totally agree about weather and moods ...and life and crafting fighting for the hours in a day. Love all the things you are up to ...love the scenes you are using on the cards. xx

The Crafty Chick said...

OMG, typing out books to have them on your kindle!!! That is either totally bonkers or pure dedication! Scan them maybe?? Wow I am in awe of that task! That would take months surely. Good luck!


Spyder said...

I know what you mean about life (or not!) getting in the way. I really wish things could get back to 'normal' Missed calling in and you've been so busy! Your Crafty space looks great too, mine is still the same as it was over Christmas! But At last I have my own computer with me (we're not at home)so I'm going to try and get to see all the crafty places I've been missing. Have a great crafty week
happy late woyww

DottyA Cards & Things said...

Life is always in the way around here...
I just have to grab a min here and there when I can any more... but I love look at your work area and the beautiful sicens you create.. You are very talented!
Thanks for your visit and the kind words too!!

Julia Dunnit said...

I'm late Maggoe, so I've seen the cards, they're absolutely lovely. And I'm so with you about the haircut..am really looking forward to Wednesday...my appointment!!