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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Use it up in 2012

Having been on a wander round blogs, just following random links (as you do), I came across Fran's blog  and her challenge to us all to resist the urge to go out and buy stuff (that includes internet shopping too) and shop in your own stash.   The idea could help so many of us, who are trying to fit more and more into a limited space.  I am definitely included in that group.  Not only is my scraps box overflowing, but I have folders of decoupage sheets I have bought or printed ready, and partial kits of stuff.  All this needs to go, but in a productive way.  Hopefully, Fran's idea will give me the push to use at least some of that up, and cut down the costs of crafting at the same time.  My only real condition is that I may need to replace things like glues and basic card and paper - that sort of thing is allowed, isn't it.  Anyone else going to join in?  If this strikes a note with you, pop over to Fran and join up.  See you over there, I hope.


Di said...

Wow, I can so relate to this Maggie! Love the idea - whoosh, am off for a peek :) Di xx

Elizabeth said...

Hi Maggie, this certainly strikes a note with me. My room is overflowing with gorgeous stash and I keep telling myself to use it up before I buy any more ... it's too bad that crafting goodies are so irresistible :)However, I've made a good start already not only using up leftovers yesterday but also some DP I bought in 2010 today ... so, yes, I'm joining in and hereby vow that I will only buy crafting essentials for the foreseeable future. Elizabeth x

The Paper Princess said...

Happy New Year to you! Thanks for sharing this challenge - I just signed up!

Be sure to join me in the upcoming week for my launch of Inspire Me Monday (where you can share your latest creative projects and/or what is currently inspiring you) and Friendship Friday, where you can meet other great bloggers & share what's unique about you and your blog!

Have a creative weekend!


Doone said...

i already use it up but I pledge to coninue, thans fro coming to see my weds, desk

methinks I may have a bit of a reputation as being one of those at the messier ends of the desk chaos scale

The Crafty Elf said...

It's funny I should read this because I have been on a clean, purge and organize rampage (just ask my family) for the last few weeks. Thanks Maggie!!! I'm popping over right now to check this out. Have a great one!

Hardwick Creations said...

What a wonderful idea Maggie...I will try...The only thing I really need (and I don't have any in my stash) is double sided tape...so this year should be a year of savings! My husband will be happy!!! lol

LadyofLostTimes said...

Hi Maggie Welcome to the UIU!! I canit wait to see what great UIU goodies you come up with! and yes basics like that are fine. ((hugs)) Fran

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I saw this mentioned on another blog just now. I think it is a great idea and one that I've been playing with off and on. I have been trying to use things more or pass them on to others (which I suppose isn't helpful if they are trying to use it up too). I too have all those partial kits, or left over bits and bobs, or excess things I just had to have. Sigh.

famfa said...

Sounds a lovely idea but can't do it myself. I've been limiting myself for so long as haven't had a space of my own, but now I do I feel I may have to fill it a bit.
Hope I can be excused!