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Wednesday, 9 April 2014


What's on my workdesk this week?  Absolutely nothing!  Well actually, I should really say that I have no idea as I haven't seen it for two weeks.  So this week is a non-desk week again, I am afraid.  I also have a big apology to make to many of you who were kind enough to leave me some lovely comments last week, and I did not get back to you.  I am sorry, but I did have a few minor and a couple of major meltdowns during the week and time vanished in the process.  I did read them all and intended to answer you over the weekend, but I was away and had no internet access at all.

 I went to see the sea.  This photo flatters the weather.  It really was not that bright.  I left home in sunshine and as I left the motorway at Taunton, so the weather started to close in on me, to the extent that I could see nothing of the countryside either side of the road.  The clouds just came down and sat on the hills, and emptied themselves on the roads.
Some of you may recognise the place as West Bay, the seaside part of Bridport in Dorset.  I had gone down for an annual reunion with three of my school friends, two of whom now live in the area.My idea had been to hit the coast at either Lyme Regis or Weymouth and just wander gently along the coast till it was time to book in at my B&B.  However, the weather put an end to that idea, it was totally pointless in the fog.  I got out of the car on the sea front and nearly got blown over.  Obviously nowhere near the terrible storms earlier in the year, but still strong enough and wet enough to send me straight back in the car.

We had a great day together on Sunday with a whole year of gossip and general chat to get through.  The day went far too fast and it was very soon time to say goodbye again, and go our separate ways till next time.

The next day, some very kind walkers brought all my things downstairs and put them all in the car for me, which saved me so much effort.  Then I drove up onto the sea front again to say goodbye to the sea.  Still blowing a gale and lots of spray.  The diggers are still busy up there repairing the sea defences and dredging the harbour entrance.  Armies of workmen are busy repairing the roofs of the holiday chalets after the storms.

Again, the photos are making it look brighter than it was in reality.
 That cliff is now looking distinctly dodgy and you can sometimes see people standing on the edge of the cliffs - they cannot have any idea of how little precarious land is beneath their feet.
Today (Tuesday) I have just done nothing really, recovering from the energy expended at the weekend, both physical and emotional.  Tomorrow is another day and time to get back to sorting my craft room finally so that I can play with all my lovely NEC treasures.

Time for those of you who are still with me to go back to Julia's to find all the wonderful desks on show this week over at Stamping Ground.  Have fun and I will do my best to follow you round this week. 


Robyn Oliver said...

My thoughts are with you Margaret, and feel the hug coming your way. Loved Geoff's poem. He'll be with you as you set up and start again to create in your crafty space. Take care, hugs RobynO#29

Helen said...

Looks like you had a good trip despite the weather... but oh my that cliff !!
Seen the previous post too, a year, already, seriously? I am sure to you it seems longer. Sending you cyber hugs, take care my friend. Helen 11.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ah Maggie what an amazing blowy time you had down at Dorset.. some great pickies... so glad you had a good time catching up with friends an that the kind folk carried all the things down for you :D sweet indeed!
.. hope the garden is going well "chez Maggie" too :D
happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #32

Belinda Basson said...

The weather does look very stormy and grey. Glad you all caught up. Time flies when you all have to try get a word in edgeways. #39

Ann B said...

Love West Bay and all of the Dorset coast but not seen it in weather like that. Did you drive all the way yourself? If so no wonder you are tired but always good to spend time with old friends. Lovely post about your dear husband.
Ann B


G'day Maggie. Happy WOYWW day to you. I'm a returning WOYWW after almost a years break. No desk but lovely photos even if the weather wasn't that good.
Annette In Oz #23

Di said...

Oh Maggie, you intrepid little explorer. Great, and sometimes scary, photos. I can't understand how folk venture to the edge of cliffs like that - more so unsafe ones!

Safe journey home!


Di xx

Sandy said...

What wonderful photos, It looks so lovely still to me with all the boats and the rough waves crashing.. You really captured the drama of it so well.. Take care and rest up after all your adventures..
Sandy :) #44

glitterandglue said...

Hello Maggie. What a wet weekend - but, yes, we recognised West Bay. Hubby used to go to Bridport every year and stay with friends there - even worked on their caravan site during his school holidays. That cliff edge certainly does look precarious. we have known for years the cliff is falling away down there - but that looked bad!
I have just read the post below this one - you have done SO well this year - you have indeed laughed, smiled and cried - sounds an unbelievably healthy way to grieve. Well done. God bless you as you continue to move forward.
Love n hugs,
Margaret #25

Julia Dunnit said...

wow Maggie, that was a long way for the weekend, so glad the reunion was lovely, to make up for the pants weather!

Twiglet said...

It's good to get together with friends who know what you are thinking. Annie and I spent time together to remember our dad who died 25 years ago but seems like yesterday. We didn't have to say anything but cheered each other up just being together. A shame the weather was so grim - lets hope it soon warms up - we have sunshine here today. x Jo

Shaz Brooks said...

Hi Marg, I was thinking looking at your pictures- I recognise that one of the cliff from all the news reports at the time. You are so right, how can people be so foolish!Pleased you had such a nice weekend- back to the gardening now, lol.Speak soon, Love Shaz xxx

trisha too said...

Sounds like a lovely trip, despite some uncooperative weather, and you certainly got some beautiful photos!

Happy WOYWW to you, Maggie,
#13 this week with
fairies, a please, and
a thank you!

Linda Simpson said...

Hello Maggie, wow what fabulous photographs the sea is a powerful entity. Enjoy sorting through your NEC crafty goodies.
Linda xxx

Princess Judy Palmer said...

They might not be of sunny vistas, but I think your photographs are gorgeous. They show nature at her finest and show us that we are but mere specks on this earth.

I am so sorry to learn of your loss. I cannot imagine the grief you feel at this time. My heart goes out to you.

Anne said...

Hello Maggie I can't believe it has been twelve months since your dear husband died. Sending you hugs.
My Mum lives in Chard and have often been to Bridport. I really would like to get to the sea at the moment - had to cancel a visit to Cornwall in May ( due to health concerns ) . Hope you can get back to some crafting soon. Anne x #48

Chrysalis said...

So glad you had a good, if emotional time away, with good friends. I reckon there's nothing like getting to the coast to blow the blues, as well as the cobwebs, away. Have a great time playing with your new goodies, and a good week. Chris # 35

Bernice said...

Glad you had a good trip. Enjoy your crafty goodies from the NEC - I was there on the Friday but I still haven't had time to try out all my stuff yet either!
Bernice #72

Lindart said...

I love the sea! Rejuvenating - how I wish I was there! Lindart #98

Darnell J Knauss said...

I'm glad you got away to the sea, even if the weather was not ideal, Maggie. It sounds as if you had a wonderful, sentimental, and emotional time and I'm glad you were with friends. I send you a warm hug from my heart! Darnell #26

Kelly said...

Maybe not the best of weather but for someone who enjoys storms and does not have that view, thank you for sharing. I wanted to be standing there seeing it first-hand. Feeling the spray. Travel safe and Creative Blessings! Kelly #82