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Thursday, 24 April 2014

TV and DVD sound qualitiy

In the wake of the row about the sound quality of this week's adaptation of Jamaica Inn, I have another gripe.  It is not just me who is complaining.  

If I watch a DVD, I have to sit with the remote in my hand and constantly adjust the sound levels.  The sound has to be turned up for the speech, and then turned down fast when music and sound effects come on.  This does detract from viewing pleasure, especially with the pained expressions on the faces of my dogs, who rush to hide in the furthest corner, making me feel so guilty.

I know I am not the only person with this problem and it is across the age ranges, so it is not just an age related problem as someone tried to tell me recently. 

We should not have to adjust the sound so much through a film.


Linda Simpson said...

Oh yes I totally agree with you about the sound of the films on DVD we have to turn the sound up too!
Linda xxx

Elizabeth said...

I'm with your dogs here Maggie! I have very acute hearing, complicated by having high frequency tinnitus in one ear, and often find myself having to snatch up the remote control to turn it down. My husband, on the other hand, is hard of hearing so generally has to have the sound up, which only makes listening more of a problem for me. Our solution is that I often go off and watch TV in another room although I do make a point of joining him each evening to watch a drama on TV if there is one that appeals or, failing that, a DVD. Saying all that, I think I may have been one of the few who had no problem with the sound quality on Jamaica Inn so there are some advantages to having the hearing of a dog. And I'd say that it certainly is nothing to do with our age! Elizabeth xx

Laura said...

It's not an old age thing! I'm not yet 30, have very good hearing and still struggle with this problem, particularly on channel 4 - they seem to put the adverts on inexplicably loud and I'm constantly up-ing and down-ing on the volume button. And why does 'atmospheric' music need to take priority over dialogue?! Gr! Rant over!!

fairy thoughts said...

i have to agree too and it annoys me to have to turnthee adverts down as well.
as for jamaaica Inn im afraid i got bored afterr half an hour, it just didnt grab me andi love daphne d m shame