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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

WOYWW - 88

Not so much a workdesk this week, more a refuge from dust and brick rubble and noise.  The two dogs and I are holed up in my craft room away from the chaos downstairs.  This is our existing fireplace which has been here almost since the house was built in 1947.  After the big freeze just before Christmas, when the new boiler froze, we decided to have a multifuel burner put in.  Needless to say, it was not just as easy as that.  None of the stoves would fit the opening in the fireplace, so the fireplace has to go.  

Then we find that the chimney would almost certainly fail the pressure test so we must have a liner, so that means men on the roof, right above where we store the caravan.  So the caravan must be moved for 2 days.  OK, we will put it down the drive.  Fine, till we get it halfway there, the motor mover fails and we are stuck, with about 3 inches either side between the houses.  The dustbins are stuck behind the van with no way of getting them out and it is bin day.  Ooops - didn't think of that! Not only that but we have trapped the neighbour's bin too.  Lack of planning there, I think.

My actual desk has not changed since last week, just knitting, with 320 still to do.  I am off now to get busy with that, to see if I can get it done before the baby arrives.  I will leave you to head over to see Julia now at   http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/ where you will find lots more desks to study.  Have fun!

PS.  The fireplace is no more, it is an ex-fireplace.  They have finished for today, having cut back to the original opening,  put in the slate base, and cleared up beautifully.  They will be back tomorrow to render the bricks, fit the stove and the chimney liner.  After that it is down to us to redecorate and decide what else we want to do in here.


Scrapcat 1 said...

Oh my what a list of misfortunes, hope all is resolved quickly for you.

RosC said...

Oh Maggie, what a chapter of accidents and damned dominoes knocking around the place. Better when a project just flows!
I suggest you just pick up the knitting and watch it all going on around you like Madame Lafarge, though without such malintent. ;-)
Trust you're back to the desk soon.

Shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Marg-I so feel for you, - just keep chanting the decorating mantra ' IT WILL LOOK LOVELY WHEN IT'S FINISHED'- it helps, lol. Thank you for the award, I have only just found it, sorry, my pc has been having major surgery, but its ok now, in fact the slowest part of my pc is typing this, lol.

S said...

Hope your repair situation resolves itself soon; no better place to take refuge than in the craft room. S #106

Dee . . . . . said...

You have a lot of misfortune but Im sure it will all be worth it once your new burn is done.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. In answer to your question re. the two note books, one is an art journal I am working on and the other is a jotter where I keep notes on ideas and scrapbook sketches.
Dee #94

JoZart said...

Sounds like chaos but it will be heaven when finished.
Good luck
joZarty x

SDCrafts said...

I'm so glad you mentioned the knitting as I am still in awe...plus your fireplace was surely the focal point of many family Christmases - hopefully captured in lots of photos? Happy knitting...Shirl #122

jude said...

Maggie it will be all worth it in the end hun!that end seems soon!So not much crafting gonna get done over next couple of days as then decorating will start.Have fab wednesday.
hugs judex22

Dragon said...

Hope it is all finished soon!!!

Julia Dunnit said...

Our installation was less stressful Maggie - the chimney liner went in a treat, hope yours will too! Happy knitting...you need the therapy of a craft right now!

Anonymous said...

What a pain! Why is stuff always three times more work, than anticipated, three times the amount of time needed, a huge knock on effect in other areas that we didn't foresee and twice the cost!! BUT, it WILL be worth it in the end!!

Brenda 100

Kerry said...

Oh what a shame to have to loose your beautiful fire place. I'm sure everything will look lovely when it's finished.

okienurse said...

OMG! Your luck seems to run like mine! I never get through anything the easy way! It will be really nice once it is done!
Vickie #30

Jingle said...

Sounds like a lot going on! Yikes! And...that tub is filled with spice drops! Gotta have sugar for creating! LOL!

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Oh dear....you have had a few incidents to deal with but it will be all worth it I'm sure!!

Happy decorating Andrea.xx

Nicky said...

Hope you have managed to move the caravan! Good luck with the fireplace hope it all turns out as you want - we have a parkray that runs all our heating and water in winter and although it work with the coal I would not change it ~ Nicky no.6

Chrysalis said...

Hi Maggie - hope you'll soon all be sitting around your new fire, passing a lovely baby round for cuddles! I see you live in Worcs, too - maybe I'll bump into you in a craft shop somewhere local! Thanks for sharing the trials and tribulations - and joys! x

Carola Bartz said...

I hope that soon you can cuddle up in front of your new heating source and feel warm warm warm (I hate to be cold). And then you don't have to worry about the dust bins anymore!