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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

WOYWW - 89

It's that time of the week again when we all nip over to Julia's place at http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/    to have a good nose around everyone else's workdesks.  Sadly, as I write this, I have no photo to add.  My excuse is that I am still in the same state as last week, working on the shawl.  I do, however, have the satisfaction that the knitting is finished, and it just needs to be put together.  According to the instructions (you can tell I am desperate as I actually read the instructions - obviously, all else failed) I am supposed to pin it all out first to press it into shape, then attach the borders and the final lacy edging.  The only problem with that theory, actually two problems, is that the dining table is the only place big enough to do it (no I am not crawling round the floor this time), and that is full of stuff from the living room which has been dispossessed by the ongoing work there, and furthermore, when I looked at the pieces, they are definitely not as pristine and white as they should be, having hung around a plaster dust filled house for two years.  So the decision is to crochet the pieces together (supposed to be sewn, but never mind that), and then gently wash the whole thing.  Hopefully, by then, we may have cleared enough of the table to allow me to block the whole thing out into shape and press it properly.  Then I will post a picture of the finished item.

If anyone is desperate to see my desk, just look back to the last two weeks, where you will find the same picture, which really has not changed.  I cannot wait to get it done, and get back to other crafting.  My mind is going so fast thinking of all the projects I want and need to do.  Our friend's son is getting married in August to his Spanish fiancée and I may be helping to sort the invitations and other stationery, so I want to get on to that.  I have so many techniques I want to try out.  If our government want to do something useful with their time, they need to invent at least one new day each week, with each day containing 48 hours to give us all time to craft properly.

Anyway, I am off now to wield my crochet hook.  Look out next week for a change in my desk, I hope.  Meanwhile why don't you head back to Julia's for a look at more interesting desks.  Thank you to all those who visited me last week, and left such encouraging comments.


jude said...

good luck with the completed shawl .Have creative wednesday .
please pop by my blog and enter my candy
hugs judex7

Sue said...

Hi ya
look forward to seeing the finished shawl,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x(18)

Anonymous said...

Lets hear it for the 48 hour days and extra ones at that!!
Good luck with the shawl - I remember doing that 36 years ago for our ES's christening. Could get on the floor in thsoe days!
x Tricia

Anonymous said...

Hope the work is going well Maggie, it's so disruptive isn't it? Sounds like the best idea with the shawl, aren't you supposed to block things so they retain their shape? Will the gentle wash do the same thing?

Brenda 103

Karen said...

Glad you have your knitting finished Maggie, I look forward to seeing a photo of it and your desk soon!
Have a great WOYWW,
Karen #91

Di said...

Hi Maggie

You're getting there honey! Can't wait to see the end result : Di x

Elizabeth said...

Hello Maggie, I hope you don't mind but I'm chuckling at your predicament because it so reminds me of the days when I knitted shetland sweaters by machine. Each one had to be washed in washing-up-liquid to remove the oil and wax and then blocked out somewhere to dry and with a house full of kids as it was then space was at a premium. I also remember my Gran blocking out knitwear between some sheeting and layers of newspaper under the front room carpet for us to walk over - our many feet pressed it perfectly. Elizabeth x #114

Twiglet said...

Don't forget to show us the finished article!! have a great week.

Mrs A. said...

Well your shawl really has turned into a labour of love hasn't it.Ccan't wait to see the completed item.
Hugs Mrs A. #76

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Mmm, ironing shawls can very tricky, after assembling (mine are always crocheted anyway) have done it but am sure it will come right in the end. cant wait to see it thanks so much for sharing!
Shaz in Oz.x #8

Sue said...

Hi Maggie
first time the lamp post was on last night, bloody bright in me bedroom, i luv bein in me caravan, have to take her in this weekend get a little leaked sorted out on her or i would have been away this weekend again, sue,x

Angie said...

Oh how I agree ....24 hours for life and 24 hours for crafting

RosC said...

I've got heaps of techniques to try out as well, Maggie. I've started a list which I can hang on the end of the desk for quick reference, an answer to "What takes my fancy today?" The invitations will give you a change of activity, and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished shawl.
Ros. (100)

Nicky said...

Hope the shawl is coming on nicley - love the pictures of your dogs ~ thanks for sharing ~ Nicky no.4 ~ running late this week lol

okienurse said...

How is the rebuild going? I feel for you and the fur babies. My daughter has decided I need to start knitting or crochet again! I like my paper works. Thanks for sharing. Sorry I am so late getting by this week but life happens. Vickie #148