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Monday, 14 February 2011

Thank you, Elizabeth

I am so delighted and chuffed that someone thinks I am worthy of this award.  It is from Elizabeth of   http://silverscrappers.blogspot.com/   She actually made this award over a week ago, but it has taken me some time to think of what I needed to write and who I would like to pass it on to.

It is always encouraging to be given such awards by fellow crafters who are so talented, so thank you so much, Elizabeth.

In accepting, I am required to tell you 8 things about myself and then pass it on to 8 others. As I have already said, that is what my delay has been about.  Most of the relevant facts about me are already on my blog and I do not want to bore you all, but here goes:

1. My first crafting was at my junior school, where we made raffia coasters (they were just called mats then), and I cannot remember how we did them.
2.  At the same school, we made a needle case for our mothers from felt, decorated with felt shapes (they came in a packet), and I still have mine (since Mum died), decorated with bluebells and green leaves.  I will post a picture of that later - felt shapes are back in fashion by the look of things.  The needles came in bulk from a local factory - if you lived in Redditch in those days, you never bought a needle of any kind, you always knew someone who got them for you from the factory (these days, they are all made abroad - such a sad state of affairs)
3.  In the top class at junior school, my crafting went a stage further with my first attempts at embroidery, with dressing table sets, traycloths, and then progressing to a large tablecloth, which I still have.  My aunt also took a hand in my embroidery lessons, making sure I was particularly careful and neat.
4. The same aunt taught me to knit, driving me mad with her insistence that I held the needles properly and never took my fingers off them.  However, I bless her now every time I do any knitting.  It is thanks to her that my tension is correct and I can knit fairly quickly.
5. I was, and still am really horse mad, and would have spent all my time at the local stables.  My very best holidays were spent at the house of Pat Smythe, at Miserden in the Cotswolds (she was the leading lady show jumper in the world for so many years), helping to care for the horses, and do other stable work.  We were also allowed to travel to the shows in the back of the horse box, with the horses, and very occasionally were allowed to ride the top show jumpers.
6. I went to college at Bingley in Yorkshire for three years to train as a teacher.  I still love the area, although I know so many things have changed up there, but the scenery is still beautiful.
7. I have been married to Geoff since 1969, and would not change anything about him.  I have known him since I was 2 years old.
8. I am very proud of our two children, who have made their own lives in the world, and both have lovely children of their own.
 Sorry if I have gone on a bit, but I do get carried away once I get to the keyboard.

Now to the next really hard bit.  Who do I choose to pass this award to from all those who have inspired me with their blogs?
1. Shaz (Silverwolf)  http://silverwolfcards-shaz.blogspot.com/
    who has been the person who really got me started with paper crafting, and is always so generous with her time and advice.
2.  Shaz in OzCards Calligraphy - her calligraphy work leaves me speechless with admiration.
3.  Vivhttp://vivsvisuals.blogspot.com/  whose ideas always make me think
4. Eileen -   http://eileenscraftyzone.blogspot.com/  she keeps coming up with different ideas to play with
5. Diane - http://stamping-fantasies.blogspot.com/  who has shown us so many really pretty cards, and whose blog is so fresh and attractive
6. Chrissie - http://simply-one-of-a-kind.blogspot.com/  her cards are very varied in style, and always give pleasure.
7. Shirley - http://sdcrafts.blogspot.com/  who does such lovely cards to order, beautifully put together.
8. Julia - http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/   last but not least on this list, because she does so much to bring crafters together, and her humour gives me so much pleasure
I have really struggled to pick just 8 crafters to send the award to, 98 might have been easier.

Now I have posted this, I must get back to my shawl knitting - just 320 rows to do before I sew it together.


Shazsilverwolf said...

Thank you Marg- both for the award, and for being such a lovely co-mother in law( and to Geoff)- I was amazed at how long you have known each other- that takes some beating.I too will be spending some time working out who to pass it to- like you I have 'met' so many wonderful crafters over the last blogging year.

Shaz in Oz. said...

Thank you dear Maggie for being such a beautiful encouraging friend all the way over there, I really do appreciate all your loving words and thoughtfulness, God bless you over there and all the fun a new day brings you are 10pm over there and we are just beginning a new day 9am - weird huh?
love Shaz in Oz,x hope mess settles soon with new chages afoot at your place.