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Friday, 10 December 2010

Get the camera out

This picture may find itself on a card at sometime in the future.  We have been so lucky so far in this area with all the heavy snow going around us, but the rime on the trees, just as the sun was coming up, was so beautiful.  In addition to using the whole picture, I am aiming to use part of it, the interlacing twigs, to create a background paper for other cards.  All I want now is to get some good bird pictures from the birds on our feeders and trees, but they are clever and very camera shy and only seem to arrive when the camera is at the other end of the house.  I think I need to set up the video on a tripod and perhaps collect the odd still from that.  Having seen a woodpecker, very briefly, the other day, I am desperate to get a better view and identify the species.  I am so jealous of everyone else's beautiful robin pictures and others.

Maybe, when I get back into my craft room and I can sit next to the window again, I might get to see the shots I really want.  That moment is coming closer, with the plasterer up there right now, doing the ceiling.  The carpet fitter is booked for next Thursday, then my cupboards can move back.  Geoff is busy designing the layout of worktops and shelving for me, separating the IT stuff from the sticky, glittery stuff.  I cannot wait.

The main urgency to get this done now is that all our Christmas decorations are in the cupboard behind all my craft cupboards, and we want them all up ready for the grandchildren when they come.


ShazOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Hi again, Do you get wood peckers over there Maggie??
I thought they were only in US, showing my ignorance aren't? love this pickie, it reminds me of a pussy willow that my dad took with his slide camera in our backyard when we were children at Uralla on the northern Tablelands of NSW it was frost, snow-covered too - just love pussy willow.
Shaz in Oz. x
PS it is 27C here this afternoon. not snowy at all..

MaggieC said...

Yes, Shaz in Oz, we do get some woodpeckers over here. The most common is the Green Woodpecker, then the Greater Spotted Woodpecker. There is also the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, but that is much less common.
PS It has been -12 degrees over here. Our friends, who live on a narrow boat on the canal have been frozen in for some time, and cannot move the boat at all. Brrrrh!!!