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Monday, 27 December 2010

Christmas - the good and the bad

We had a good day, the weather allowing us to join up as a family after all the "shall we " or "shan't we" worrying about the depth of the snow.  The three (so far) grandchildren enjoyed each other's company, with the youngest teaching the older two a new game - roll round the floor like me.  Everyone seemed happy with their presents, although I am now in trouble with our daughter for giving her daughter lots of glitter as part of her present.  Their whole house is now well and truly glittered, but it is Christmas, after all.  Youngest grandaughter loved the paper and her cousin's wiggly worm, and did not even notice that her real present got stuck in the snow somewhere.  I cannot wait to play with my set of Aquamarkers and my mega sun tool etc.

The slightly bad was as a result of a dying cooker, which has been playing up for some time and chose this week to really be a pain.  Everyone was very kind and said the dinner was great, but I know it wasn't quite right.  The real test was the failure to produce a decent Victoria Sandwich.  So today (after a lot of research on the wonderful net) we went out to a well known electrical store and ordered a new dual fuel range cooker (beating the rise in VAT).

We also managed to get through the snow to visit our friends as we usually do.  Fortunately, most of the roads were passable with care, and they managed to get to us yesterday to return the visit.  It is a good thing the roads had improved as we had to use the small car since the battery on the Disco was flat yet again.  another job to sort that out properly after the Bank Holidays are over.

The really bad could have been far, far worse.  Our son and his family left us just after lunch and got back home safe and sound.  Then, while drying our grandaughter after her bath, a piece of wood from the ceiling (protecting and hiding the electrics for the lights) fell and hit her right by her eye.  Needless to say, that was a swift trip to A&E for treatment.  She was brilliant, not crying once and allowing the staff to clean out the wound and glue it without any fuss.  She is full of energy and life now, and seems fully recovered, and has so far left the dressing alone.  It could have been so much worse, so we shall just think of the positive.

The snow is now going which is a good.  Lets just hope it goes slowly and allows the land to absorb all the water without flooding.


ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

So glad it all went well for you and your dear ones Maggie! :) We had a great time here too!! definitely in Oz no snow, but was not boiling hot weather so that was pleasant and all enjoyed each other's company, both days!
Today I have been making cards for next Christmas with the loot I collected off the Christmas table...very posh Bonbons this year made great pile of loot to play with (see my blog for the pickie of it) and will post the results in the next few days..God willing, three cards made so far and working on more..so glad I thought to save it all! Shaz in Oz.xx

ikki said...

Hi Maggie, Thanks for leaving your query - I will add the link to the post, but you can find the tutorial under "Borders". Thanks for your support.

Sounds like you had a very happy glittery Christmas. What fun! Enjoy your markers. ikki x

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like you had an interesting Christmas, glad the children enjoyed it but it must have been stressful having a cooker on the blink - the new cooker sounds just fabulous. My daughter doesn't like glitter all over the house either :( Hope your granddaughter has got over her accident. I wish you and yours a happy and healthy 2011. Elizabeth