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Probably my favourite craft right now is with parchment, both traditional skills and Groovi, very relaxing and calming to do.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

NEC November 2016

 This blog post is very photo heavy and just  what I shot today at the NEC craft show, and all around the Clarity stand - my favourite place.  I was very relieved to have a brilliant run on the M42 this morning, which meant I could get over to the halls in a relaxed state, calm and ready for my first workshop of the day with the lovely Jo Rice on the Clarity Stamps stand.  I had intended to do the workshop with our Maria Simms on Thursday as well, but the major traffic hold ups meant all the spaces were taken.  Today, I was one of the first into the hall and ready in my seat in double quick time.
This is Jo, getting ready and booking prospective customers in for the free Groovi Make and Take.  It was very popular, with many people having previously bought the starter kit and not having the courage to have a go.  I think with Maria and Jo giving them a chance to play, they will be going home to get grooving.

I think this was the biggest Clarity stand ever at the show, and so easy to get round and if it got too busy, then there was plenty of willing help from the Clarity staff.

Paul Church, getting himself sorted out for the day before the rush started.
Although I have used Groovi since it was first launched, I think you can always learn new ideas.   I certainly was not thinking when I started today and made the classic mistake of spelling the name on my piece backwards, so Jo kindly gave me another piece of parchment to start again. 

We were creating artwork to put inside a coaster, the perfect gift or a card with a difference.  I like making my own presents, putting thought and love into them and making them personal.

You can see how happy everyone was with their miniature pieces of art.

Needless to say, it was almost impossible to get near Barbara Gray doing her inky painty demos on the stand.  Everyone wanted to get to see what she was doing and gain further inspiration

It was great to see Dave looking so well and back to his friendly  and happy self.

I did take a few pictures of just a small number of the beautiful artwork on display, all created by Barbara and her talented design team, ink, painty, Groovi, and some a mixture of everything.

Paul chatting to the customers in his relaxed style.

Another group of happy people doing the Make and Take with Jo.

I did leave the Clarity area for a while and finished the day with another workshop.  This time, it was something I had never done before, painting on silk.  We keep saying how relaxed colouring and Groovi makes us.  Well, the silk painting did the same for me.  It is such a delicate fabric and you need to treat it gently to get the best results.  I will do another blog later in the week with my two Make and Takes, Groovi and silk painting, and also the pyrography (burning wood) that I did on Thursday.  I think there is enough in this post already.  Hope everyone else who went enjoyed themselves as much as I did today.  Off now for a large glass of sloe gin while watching Strictly and Poldark.


JackieCou said...

Lovely photos Maggie! Glad you had a better trip today. X

Lynne Bishop said...

Brilliant photos Maggie. Somehow I never got round to taking any. Busy day for us and I am now resting my leg which I have to admit does hurt but with good reason. I have done silk painting before and funnily enough Heather was reminding me of the time I showed her how. Look forward to seeing your make and takes. xx

Shelagh Metselaar said...

Enjoyed looking through the photos, Maggie. Brings back memories of the Crowborough open days. Thank you. ;~}

Lisapmac said...

What a fab day. I look forward to reading your other posts from the NEC x

SamsHomeCookedDesigns.com said...

Thanks for sharing, it's a shame I couldn't be there. Xx

Jo Rice said...

Morning Maggie,
It was so good to see you yesterday and your coaster is lovely...I am glad that you enjoyed the Make and Take and think everyone took home such a great little piece of art work to keep. I hadn't realise that you had taken so many photographs, and my goodness , I do pull some funny faces....they really made me giggle..take care and have a good week...Jo. xxx