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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

WOYWW 264 - Better late than never?

I missed last week due to total lack of time and came close to missing this week.  Looking at this photo, you can see one reason for my absence.  My room is a wreck.  Believe it or not, it is better than it was last week, and I hope that tomorrow it will be a little better still.

I have pulled out a small storage unit from behind the others, just so that I have somewhere to put my new baby on (new at Christmas, anyway) - my EBosser.  I love it.  It is saving my bad arm a lot of pain.  It has been good this week listening to Create and Craft (it is on on the TV behind me, just in the background) as there have been so many programmes using dies and the EBosser so I have picked up so many good tips.

My poor craft computer is off to the computer hospital at the end of the week with the black screen of death, so I have to finish tidying up so that it can be extracted without it or someone being injured in the process.

I have joined in with two crafting workshop groups, both with Clarity tutors, Maria Simms and Sally-Ann Hanes, both very clever and excellent teachers.  It has really given me a massive lift and so much to look forward to.

Anyway, it is time I finished waffling and passed you back to the lovely Julia, who hosts us with so much patience.  Good to see you back again and taking time to recover.

PS I have still not heard from Sheilagh White  and Uuna, who were two of the winners of my birthday candy.  If anyone else is in touch with them, can you tell them, please.  If I do not hear by 2nd July, I will redraw those two prizes.  I also must apologise to Di Wray for not having sent her prize yet.  It is ready to go asap.


Sarah said...

Lovely to see your room, it all looks very organised with lots of storage!! Enjoy your new Ebosser!! Woyyw #67

Monica said...

I finally got this link to open comment page. My computer is worn out from uploading hundreds of photos from my phone. Every new toys brings a problem for the mind and older equipment! Just love your blog and hearing about all your crafting
Monica 65

Sandy Leigh said...

Have fun at your workshops! I guess that is one thing about our computers--something eventually breaks down! I love your big comfy chair too. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #50

Lunch Lady Jan said...

It always has to get worse before it gets better! My dear old Ma used to say that to me and it is so true sometimes. You'll get it how you want it before long. I have no idea what an Ebosser is but I'm glad it's helping you; isn't it wonderful when a tool is really useful like that?!
Hope you're keeping well :-)
Hugs, LLJ 16 xx

Amy E said...

WOYWW got away from me too this week Maggie. I usually post Tuesday night and totally forgot until I walked by my craft room this morning! Eek! Glad to hear your making progress in your room! SO jealous of your ebosser! Do you love it?

Amy E. #73

Gillian Pearce said...

Your room doesn't look a wreck to me but glad you're feeling that it's getting better. Look forward to seeing what you make when you get creating again.
Have a lovely week
Gillian #65

Helen said...

Good to see you back - hope you get your room sorted (I really need to do mine!!) Helen 5

Linda Simpson said...

Don't you just hate it when something stops working. I love my embosser too it is a god send. Thanks for sharing your desk.
Linda xxxx

Enjoy your weekend too xxxx

Sarah said...

Good luck at extracting the computer, craft room's do tend to attract stuff mine always did. #82

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hullo Maggie... how are you ... by sound of it busy as usual well doen on gettting the computer sorted ... pray the change over oes okay as it can be a problem sometimes... love sound of new classes and look forward to see what you will produce.. have emails now on Tuesday along with other ones have subscribed too but must look up here blog ... do love her no nonsense way of crafting .. Barbara Gray that is.. the one where she totally cracks up was so funny :D every blessing dear friend, Shaz in oz.x #14

Julia Dunnit said...

Sonds like you're up to your neck in 'to do' stuff Maggie. Sorry about the black screen of death, I think it's only luck that's saved this computer so far, so am always encouraging it and trying not to blame it when something goes wrong! Happy tha tyou like your ebosser..anything that saves exacerbating a pain is a good thing. I could do with a couple of lovely workshops I think..what a lovely boost.

Twiglet said...

We had a power cut last night so I am late doing the rounds again! Neighbour cut through the cable with his digger!!! Your chair looks the perfect place for a comfy crafting session!x Jo

dottielottie said...

Hi Maggie,the temperature here in Yorkshire is much cooler today, but I do hope it stays fine and sunny for your new garden table and chairs to be christened. I caught a couple of the C+C shows featuring the EBosser and dies, looks a nice easy to use piece of kit. Hope your computer is soon on the mend lol, what would we do without one !
Thank you for visiting me today
Lottie #80

glitterandglue said...

You'll get there, Maggie. Enjoy it all when it's done. Your two groups sound great.
Margaret #20

fairy thoughts said...

Hi Maggie
its great when a new tool proves a real hit. your chair looks so comfortable I wouldn't want to leave it
janet #21

Angela Radford said...

Sorry to hear your computer is poorly, lets hope it gets better soon.
Happy crafting, Angela x #43

Shaz Brooks said...

Hi Marg, bit of an explosion in a craft factory on the go there. But don't we all?Computer is happily settled into the PC hospital, doing as well as can be expected, lol.Love, Shaz xx

sandra de said...

Doesn't the week just fly by and before you know it is time to post for woyww. I haven't heard of the EBosser.... now I will have to google it!!
Sandra de @56

Lisa-Jane said...

People shouldn't feel the need to apologise about their desks! Your desk, your way of working, nuff said! I hope the computer comes back quickly! #30