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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Warning - Scary Monster Alert!

Scary or what?  Why am I being plagued by these great monsters?  This one was too big even for the dogs to take on.  Gemma tried and then backed right off and would not go near it again.  I finally managed to corner it with my turbo powered spider catcher (from Amazon).  Even that was not easy, trying to gather up all the legs so I could put the bung in the tube. 
I just hope it does not walk back from where I let it go.  If it does, you will hear the scream throughout the land.


Di said...

Aaaargh! Scary stuff. I opened an empty storage bag in the garage yesterday and there was summick akin to a tarantula staring back at me Maggie :( I took the bag outside and tipped said beastie on the ground, whereupon it made a dash for me tootsies - talk about doing the Highland Fling around the a patio!

Will reply to your lovely newsy email ASAP. So pleased the trip went well.

Hugs, Di xx

Hugs, Di xx

Linda Simpson said...

WOW Maggie that sure is a big one! I hope you don't see anymore.

Linda xxx

Mrs A. said...

I wondered what all the screaming was about in the playground!!! Not something you'd want crawling around the floor at night time that's for sure. Hugs Mrs a.