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Monday, 4 April 2011

EZ Mount - I hate it with a passion

When I first started stamping and bought my first unmounted rubber stamps, I was persuaded into backing them with the EZ cushion sticky backed foam.  Whata mistakea to makea?  I bitterly regret taking that advice.  The wretched stuff now will not cling to anything, except the stamp.  I cannot use the stamps on my preferred Rocker Blocks, as the foam is too thick, so I have made the decision to remove the offending stuff altogether.  Oh boy, is that a pain.  The glue that fixes it to the stamps is double strength superglue.  The only method that I have found so far that works, is to microwave each stamp for about 15 seconds at a time, which is supposed to warm the glue and soften it.  Then it is down to digging it off with finger nails a bit at a time, rewarming it, and do a bit more.  It has taken me two days to remove it safely from one stamp.  Rather a lot to go, and one blister on my thumb already.  If anyone knows a better way, please tell me.  My fingers would be eternally grateful.


Di said...

Oh Maggie - what a job! I've read that microwaving is the way to get the rubber off wooden stamp blocks so it seems you're doing the best option. Must admit, I tried and didn't like EZ Mount, fortunately only on a few stamps. Now I have a set of perspex stamping blocks with Tack N Peel on and, so far, am very happy. You can also wash them to restore the tacky if, like me, you're daft enough to clean them and then dry with paper towel! Good luck!! Di xx

Elizabeth said...

Hello Maggie, loathe, loathe, loathe EZ Mount or Kling-On the version of this diabolical stuff I've used. It took three of us all afternoon to back the first set SWALK stamps and I vowed never again - my hands were aching. Much prefer to use rock-a-blocks or Clarity stamp handles. What you are doing sounds equally awful, so time consuming. I've just discovered that Kling-on is quite easy to remove - now that's a relief. I wonder if Stick Away could loosen it - says on the can that it removes adhesive from rubber - if you haven't tried already might be worth a try. Hope you find an easier solution soon. Take care. Elizabeth x

Sam said...

I am with Di and use the tack n peel. I bought it from Snazzys after I saw the lady using it at a demo. I hate cutting the rubber so to cut the ezy mount as well filled me with dread. Have you tried WD40? Hubby uses that to get sticky stuff off machines in factories? Possibly kinder to the rubber too??!! Good Luck!