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Thursday, 6 January 2011

What's on your workdesk

Okay, I know it is not Wednesday today, but I slept all day yesterday, having got the dreaded lurgy.  I did not really wake up till tea time by when the light was too bad to take a good photo with Geoff's new camera, the one with the clever panorama.  This is the business corner of my workspace, taken up at the moment with stuff that has not yet got a home and piles of old family photos which I am in the process of scanning to disc before handing them over to other family members to take what they want.
By the way, the small pile of photos by the Silhouette and the screen is just the tip of the iceberg.  You cannot see the huge box on the floor behind me.  At the same time as scanning these photos, I have also been relabelling all my boxes to reflect what is actually in them, not what was there 12 months ago.  I am about two thirds of the way through that job.
On this wall, above the printers I am having shelving to store all my CD ROM's and various other bits and pieces.  The big cardboard box is actually my "spray booth" but at the moment it is full of more stuff without a home.
In the opposite corner is the section which is not finished yet due to lack of wood.  The work surfaces are just resting on the cupboards, and there is shelving to go above for my A4 files.

Anyway, I am off now to catch up with my sleep, having felt too rotten to sleep all last night.  I shall put the TV on with something I really want to watch - guaranteed to send me to sleep instantly.

Hope to see you all next Wednesday, on the right day this time.  Happy New Year to all of you out there.


ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

just love all your man chest of drawers Maggie, and the labels are truly impressive!
Shaz in Oz.xxx

Elizabeth said...

So sorry to hear you are not so well - hopefully a day of sofa/TV will aid your recovery. Good luck with the photo scanning project - I gave up on mine a long time ago and now just scan as I need them for a scrap page. Elizabeth #76

Chrissie said...

It looks like you have some fabulous storage there Maggie, I bet what's inside is even more impressive!

RosA said...

I know what you mean about labelling the boxes with what's in them right now. I have two basic boxes for "paper weight" and "card weight". They started out well but now they are hopelessly mixed! I'll re-sort them one day!

Anonymous said...

Your craft room has certainly come on since the last time I saw it, love all the storage, very impressive. Hope you feel better soon.

Brenda 83

Tertia said...

Had to laugh when I read you had to re=label your boxes. That happens to me all the time.
You have a great workspace.

RosC said...

Ah the joys of labelling. Hope you feel better very soon - sleep is a grand healer. I do wonder about photos and the ancient human need to preserve images. We have not only become good at it but also prolific! I have lots to deal with too.
Have a hot toddy, Maggie.

ikki said...

Hi Maggie, you have some great storage! Good luck with the borders, I'm sure you will master the technique. Eileen (ikki)

Nicky said...

Oh wow I love your craft room with all your storage - I would enjoy labelling everything as much as crafting in there - lol cannot help that I am OCD crafter - thanks for sharing ~ Nicky 124

Susan Allan said...

You seem very, very organised and I do hope you are feeling better soon.
Sue xx 50

Marjo said...

Still no clue, what the heck is lurgy??? lol Great space. Thanks for the peek and sharing. Hugs, Marjo #23

MaggieC said...

Thnk you to everyone for your lovely comments. Marjo, the dreaded lurgy is what everyone over here has got due to the rotten weather - really nasty cold verging on flu/swine flu - the sort of thing that just lays you out for a few days, and leaves you feeling totally wiped out for several weeks. (Just to confuse you, it could also be a nasty virulent tummy bug) My husband has just educated me and told me that lurgy comes from the Goon Show, where there were only three diseases - lurgy, plin and nadgers - you learn something every day.

Serendipity Stamping said...

Hope this finds you all better. I am so very envious when I look at workspaces such as yours. #95

Spyder said...

Hope you are feeling a lot better, love your craft room, I've just told my hubby, look!! those are what I need for my really useful boxes, I got a nod and a grunt!! That's not bad at this time of night! Happy WOYWW!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

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