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Monday, 17 January 2011

Storing Clarity Stamps

After my last post, I decided to send an email to Clarity Stamps to ask if they had any suggestions on how to store their stamps.  The ones without the handles are easy, just put them on laminated card and store in a ring file.  Those that come on mounts are harder to store sensibly.  

Anyway, I had an answer from Clarity today saying that this is an area they are looking at now, and hope to come up with a good idea very soon.  It is good to know that they are on the case and are so good at customer relations, getting back to me so fast.

I shall be glad to find a good storage system, especially as I have just put in an order for another batch of mounted stamps.  I am dying to get hold of them and get playing.  I am just sorting out a new birthday and Christmas list of all the things I really, really need.  One of those is membership of Barbara Gray's two clubs - more stamps and more ideas.  I also would like to collect her DVD's ...... and most of her stamps, of course.

By the way, on the subject of printers and card, which has bee a real problem for me in the past, this new printer will print beautifully on Barbara Gray's silk card, which I believe is 350gsm.  I cannot see me needing to print on anything thicker than that, so that is a real achievement.  I now need to experiment with print settings to see if it is possible to print a sentiment and then emboss it with powder instantly it comes out of the printer.  I will let you know how or if it works.


Neet said...

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. I will be interested to know what the answer is as I find them a bit difficult to store - thanks for the tip re the cardstock - I will look out for that at the next show she is at.

Elizabeth said...

Hi, I store my unmounted Clarity stamps in CD cases but it is not ideal, just better than the little poly bags they arrive in. If you find a better way I will be most interested. You might have spotted that I've invested in both Barbara's clubs recently and I'm now working through the parts I've received to date. You can see my latest efforts on WOYWW this week!! I've got the first DVD which is brilliant and I intend buying the others in due course. I haven't dared try to print on BG's silk card but will now and see how it goes. Thanks for finding the time to share. Regards, Elizabeth #78