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Monday, 16 March 2015

Grunge paste problems

If your Grunge Paste starts to get a bit too thick to spread, don't throw it out.  Just add a little water and mix it in well.  Put the lid back on and leave for a while.  Go back to it and mix and add a little more water if needed.  Repeat this until it is back to a lovely creamy consistency.  I had a brand new jar, which, when I opened it at the class, was totally solid, obviously the lid was not on properly.  Sally-Ann Hanes gave me this method of reviving it and my jar is now just ready to use.

Joy Steels has already messaged me about this and she always gives her pot of Grunge Paste and quick spray of water when she has finished just to overcome the drying in the atmosphere.  That sounds like a great tip to me.   Thank you, Joy.  xx

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FranOnTheEdge said...

I just went to use my grunge paste and found it pretty nearly dry - I could still get my palette knife into it though so I've tried adding water to it and chopping up the very stiff paste... I still have lumps but I'm hopeful that I've managed to revive it. I'll be storing my Grunge Paste pot in a zip lock bag in future, and hope that helps.
I was glad to see your post as it's made me hope for full reconstitution and eventual smoothness, as I've hardly used this and can't afford to buy another just yet.